Housesitter Needed

I am looking for a housesitter for the caretaker's house on the CoolTop finca in the Tisey reserve. The house is in good condition (it is about 65 years old but we refurbished it a couple of years ago) but a bit rustic by Gringo standards. Thus, this may be more like a chance to see what it is like living like a rural Nicaraguan in this area.

It is hard to describe the interior as it is a bit strange but not small. There are three rooms. The smallest is the bedroom and the largest is the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen was divided at one point to offer a second sleeping room. There is a water tank behind the house filled by an ojo de agua up on the hill but no water run into the house. Latrine and bathing stall outside.

The house is located down the ridge from where my house is and, as such, is protected from the wind. Behind it is about two manzanas of coffee with bananas, platanos, mangos, avocados, citrus and guavas growing there. There is also a fairly large clearing (possibly two manzanas) near the house which could be planted with beans, corn or whatever.

While there is no work required other than maintaining your own space as there is local labor available, if you do want to do some work and get paid like a local, there are things that can be done. There are also opportunities to earn money doing your own mini-business if you are interested.

While I have been told off and on for months that the ex-caretaker was going to move out and then wasn't, this time I want to make sure it happens. Unknowns just don't help me keep things under control.

Updates to respond to a message I received.

The house is brick, stuccoed with a zinc roof. It has some 12V lights in it, battery and small solar panel. It has a wood stove and there is a lot of free wood here.

That leads to the second question, what would it cost to live there? First, you need a bed and kitchen stuff. Depending on what you really want that could be from $20 on up. If I was doing it, I would probably budget $100. There are no utility expenses and such so pretty much all you need is money for the food you do not grow. Trips to Estelí on the bus are about $.70.

As for what you could do there to pay the bills, I have a pretty long list of possibilities—some of which could earn quite a bit if you had the right skills. On the low-tech end, I have thought that producing fruit leather or dried fruit would be something one could do. The house is also right off a road that has people walking on it from further into the country to get to the bus. The previous caretakers ran a small pulpuria in the front of the house. Acting as a guide for people who wish to explore Cerro Apaguaji which is in the property is another possibility.

If you have some more than farming skills, PM me about them. There are quite a few possibilities.

Another question: for how long do I need/want a housesitter? It depends on the person and what they want. This can be a permanent opportunity for the right person.

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ojo ojo ojo good eye

I am willing to take care of your house I am a nicaraguan resident and I lived in the usa for some years I am free lance house keeper with a good police record call me at 89976030 and lest talk about the conditions also I would like to add that I have a wife and a 2 yrs old son tell me what do I need to do

We have one

We have a housesitter in place (or soon in place, at least) now.

House sitter

Hi. I've been browsing the forum as I'm planning on visiting Nicaragua this year. While I won't be there long enough to house sit for you I thought I'd let you know I have arranged for someone to house sit for me while I'm away through a website called I used a promotional code GA6 and got free membership. Worth a try?? Hope you find someone. Lisa