Caution: Enacal at work

Caution: Enacal at work

water main broke outside the Garden Cafe in Granada

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The Garden Cafe has a new address!

"desde la rotonda temporal ...."

As the picture shows, water

As the picture shows, water main breaks very useful for reforestation.

gotta love enecal

About a year ago i reported a water leak in my street. A few days later a crew came out and fixed it. While they were fixing it, they noticed that the sewer pipe in the same trench had been crushed, so they left the hole open. Come rainy season it filled with water, now it is nice and dry and covered with Bermuda grass.

Came home today to find a big pile of valastre in the road--blocking the half of the road that is passable. this is part of the developers effort to finish the road per contract with homeowners and Marena. Road now is just barely passable with a pickup truck and closed to cars and taxis.

''Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away''