What is your main interest in Nicaragua?

Living here
70% (48 votes)
4% (3 votes)
Vacation travel
3% (2 votes)
Keeping in touch (Friends/family/born here)
9% (6 votes)
Helping people/Aid work
10% (7 votes)
4% (3 votes)
Total votes: 69

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What would INTUR think?

According to our survey, so far, it looks like nobody wants to visit Nicaragua because they all want to live here. What would INTUR think?

I see that as simply a flaw

I see that as simply a flaw in the survey. You formed the question without thinking about who was most likely to see and respond to it.


Tell me how you would change it.

What's to change and why?

I think that most of the tourism that's basically casual are people who go to the Pacific coast. Is anything much on this site for them. Nicaraguans surf also, so that tourism is probably going to be solid (with the people working for the resorts knowledgable about the local breaks and sharing their enthusiasm for Nicaraguan surfing with the foreign surfers).

The people interested in coming here to surf will check out surfing sites, not this one, even though you do show a lot of hits for information about surfing. Straight Google for surfing in Nicaragua shows a lot of specialized Nicaraguan surfing sites and no links to NicaLiving on the first page.

Nicaragua doesn't have the tour guides, dedicated guide books, and all that Costa Rica and Panama have for birders (I have a birder friend coming sometime this year so have been checking on this recently). I found three birding pal amateur guides and zero professional birding guides advertising where birders are more likely to look (I know someone who knows at least one dedicated birding guide in Esteli and Silva Negra advertises a birding guide). I'll probably introduce her to a Nicaraguan active in ecology work who is also an amateur birder who has been advising me. He is interested in seeing tourism developed in northern Nicaragua, and eco-tourism in particular.

Some kinds of tourism work best if the locals love the activity -- climbing, birding, and long distance trekking, for example, so you have people passionate about an activity sharing that passion with others.

You don't have a lot about Grenada or Leon as tourist destinations on this site (first page of Google hits for Grenada doesn't show anything from this site) so people Googling for Grenada as a tourist destination are unlikely to come here.

Bird guides? Birds and guides, but not many listings on this site that catch both terms, and none for bird guides. So, if I were going to come to Nicaragua to bird in a place that still has unexplored areas and the largest tropical rainforest north of the Amazon, I come up with nada on this site, and close to nada on the dedicated birding information sites (three local bird pals, only one of whom can take people out during the week).

This site caters to people who want to come to Nicaragua to live (or are fantasizing about it, probably the majority). That's what it says in the url, so it's no surprise that's what the poll shows.

Do you want to attract tourists? Seems like you'd lose the focus of the site if you did that.

Rebecca Brown

Spelling bee time

"so people Googling for Grenada as a tourist destination are unlikely to come here."

I wonder why?

Google fixes dyslexic spellings.

We still don't have any information that shows up on the first page.

Rebecca Brown

No change

It's not a matter of attracting tourists or changing the focus of the site. People who decide to live in another country, usually visit it first as a tourist.

But what a potential resident wants to see...

...is very different than what a tourist wants to see.

Tourism is basically an experience of living as if rich for a short period of time, having meals out, doing specialized tourist activities, seeing famous buildings and landscapes. Or it's engaging in a favorite activity in a new location, like birding. My friend is coming to Nicaragua after two trips to the Galapagos

Different kinds of traveling, even if it's on the same visa.

People coming to see Nicaragua as a potential place to live need to know something about the water supply, how the electrical grid works where they're thinking of living, and how comfortable they are being the non-local in a world of locals whose lives are rather different than standard operating system North American. Going to see the Footprints, Grenada, and Masaya's volcano won't give that much information about those things.

A friend who lives in Japan said it's just life with humans, only speaking Japanese. That's not what tourists are looking for. They're going to Kyoto, not Gifu, a post war industrial city.

Rebecca Brown

If you wish,

If you wish, I can repeat myself again and tell you that we're not planning any changes...

OMG Susan and I agree...........

The world will come to an end... LOL

Grenada is a bunch of islands

Granada is a Nicaraguan City and Department

Aside from the obvious errors you are assuming

the survey's purpose is to increase the visitor count and internet rankings.

Rebecca, you make wrong assumptions such as how this site is paid for (on another thread). You seem to have made the wrong assumption here also. Your track record on this site is one that identifies you as a person who believes herself the be an expert on many things after just a very short time 'on the job'. For example: You have spent less time in Nicaragua than some tourists I meet. Yet you profess to be an expert in many things Nicaraguan. This is similar to your comments about other countries, yet you have never been off the continent. In court this would be considered "Hearsay". And we all know how much credibility the courts place in that.

You sort of remind me of a worker who applied for a bricklayers job at my firm. When I asked him if he was a worker who could produce quality work he said of course. When I asked him if he knew all aspects of the trade he felt insulted. When I asked him how long he was working as bricklayer he told me: Well actually, I never laid a brick in my life but I watched for a while and I know how it is done.

Oracle of Nicaragua

Please let Jennifer post. I am happy to see her posts in real time as her experiences dictate.

I say Jen keep posting and thanks for doing so.

Really Mark? Jennifer??? LOL

You likely mean Rebecca, but maybe you know more than we do about her? I read your post before someone edited it, (This seems to be the day for that.), but didn't have the time to reply.

In order to keep this thread as clean as possible I have posted the rest of my reply under Acclaracion.

Reminds me of the old joke

In Spanish for your pleasure: Dos amigos buscando trabajo en construccion van con el maestro de obras y este le pregunta al primero: Entonces que sabes hacer? Pues yo francamente nada. El maestro de obras le pregunta al otro: Y vos entonces que haces? Este le contesta orgullosamente: A pues yo soy el asistente de mi amigo.

Oh Jon

You've made a few assumptions here yourself. I think you two should just agree that you disagree and leave it at that.

And don't agree with me too often or you'll give me a reputation. LOL

You already have a reputation! ... jajaja

You will be glad to hear that I have decided the let the woman spout her nonsense without further comments from me. (I have my own nonsense to spout.)

Yellow Card - Nicareal

Cretinous Bastard violation.

Not Only A Cretin

but a crusty cretin to boot.

But, what would the site be without him?? Allowances have to be made . . .

that's funny....

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"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson

Well THAT explains it!

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"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson

At least I din't get the dreaded

THREAD HIGHJACK card :-) (yet...)

I would have to think about

I would have to think about it, but my first thought is that it is almost impossible to get the response you want with the target audience. I would expect very few people who have signed up on this site (and can respond) are vacationers. It's sort of like asking a forum set up for vegetarians how they like their steak. You might get the type of response you want if you could ask the same question of everyone who arrived in Managua during a certain time period, but I don't think we have the tools for that.

I know what you mean

but I also know we get newcomers who ask tourism related questions.

Nicaragua Here I Come

I haven't live in Nicaragua since 1998 and I cannot wait to move back to my homeland,