Mitsubishi Delica

I work in the Middle East (though I'm moving to Nica in a few months). Over here they have these 4X4 off-road diesel minivans called Mitsubishi Delicas. They are perfect for what I need. Was wondering if they're available, new or used in Nicaragua. Anybody seen one there?

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You may be able to bring one

You may be able to bring one over but the rules are ever changing . Last I heard is that it must be less than 10 yrs old but it could be less than 5 yrs old now.

If you are applying for residency there is a vehicle import allowance. You should check with the lawer doing your paperwork on the rules. There is a particular part though on the Delica's that are not directly compatibility withe the Pajero / Shogun chassis and would be difficult to import but darned if I can recall that part now. It is part of the fuel delivery system though. POCUK.COM and are good resources for that type of information.

You should only try to import (in my opinion) if you have full command of Spanish and a local to be your proxy if you do not have the appearance of "being from there". Another Brother In Law recently imported my old Mazda pickup truck from Canada and it took $1400 (inc shipping) and 2 months of tinkering around to get it in and he knew what he was doing (supposedly)

In Nicaragua there is also the Hyundai Galloper which is a licensed (from Mitsubishi) build of the Gen I Pajero/Montero chassis based upon the 2.5L 4D56T. The example my Brother In Law has (1998 ) has held up quite well over the past 18 months he has had it.

Thanks for replying

Bummer they don't sell them in C.A. They'd be perfect. I won't try importing one. The Hyundai sounds interesting, I'll look into it although I'll probably wind up getting a Hilux.

Not a bad decision

When in Rome and all that. If its an import (funny to say that cos they all are! but I meant price) and passenger room with payload, the Kia 4 x 4, K2700 is an option

Been watching a couple of them over the last 2/3 years and they seem to be holding up.

Best of luck and please report your progress.

Thanks Juanno

I'll check it out. The Koreans seem to have really stepped up their game over the last few years. Especially with reliability.

Delica - Mitsubishi Montero frame.

It's built on the 4 x 4 chassis that sits under the Mitsubishi Montero SUV, but is not a van style (Aka: Shogun or Pajero) and that's about where any similarity or ability to get parts will end. I havn't seen a Mitsubishi 4 x 4 in this van format (looks like a cross between the old Toyota chisel nose van and the first Mazda MPV) It does look very serviceable and anything used n the outback of Australia cannot be that bad. Lots of 4 x 4 options here, all depends on your budget.