tax/duty on resale items from U.S.

I am looking for a book or a list that the government has. I am looking to import items for resale from the United States. It gives a detailed list of how much tax/duty you have to pay for every possible item you could bring. I believe it is called a DBA? All the sites the embassy gave me do not work. After hours of looking for it on the internet I am exhausted. I am told there is a place on Carretera Norte en frente Coca Cola edificio there is an office that holds these 'books'. I have tried to call there but the line is in-active. With my very limited spanish, this is an 2 hour drive with two young children and I dont want to make this trek for nothing. Anyone that could help me find this would be helping me out a lot. Thanks so much.

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Did all of that. Went for the book. Always out of print. Book means nothing. They make the rules up as you go. You call it one thing they call it another. more duty. They will rob, you take bribes after you things are here to release them etc. The longer you wait to clear the more you pay for storage. Items just do not show up. Golly I wonder were it went.

I have done this. Several time and from differents place. The only items that came in at a fair price came in my truck across the border and with no duty and some argueing. That and in a panga is the only way. Trust me. We had a plan to bring in items that cost us nothing and resell them. After it was said and done changed our mind.

If you want specific items and details I will be glad to help. If I wont do it then you should not try with a couple of youngans under your arms.


I think we would all find it very useful if you could share some of your experiences. First question I would like to ask ... were you bringing in stuff by the container-load, by pallet or by air freight?

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I get the impression that you think I missed something. The details don't matter. IF IT COMES THRU CUSTOMS YOU WILL LOSE.

Ok I just lost most of what I wrote. Here we go again.

1st time big equipment cost $ 5000 in a company name. In my name it would have been $ 12,000.

2nd time customs stole 1/2 of some of the items I brought in. They said I was not allowed to import those items. But they did not list them on the manifest and left half and took the other half.

So duty became 50%. I would have to sell for 3 times what I paid to break even for Cost, Theft/Duty and shipping.

3rd time container full. Lots of issues. agent, value of goods, timing. People suppost to release items. Want to reinspect. Did not accecpt the value of items. Would have to hold for several days to investigate the price. However, for a small fee they would let it slide and process the items out.

Another friend had drugs for animals comming in. The drugs were dumped on the ground in the warehouse for the price of the cooler they were in. The entire shipment was distroyed. Hundreds of dollars for a cooler.

4th shipment same items as on first container 12 months later. would not accept the price even though it was higher. They thought it should be even higher than the increase posted.

I could go on for days. But you get the idea. If it is controled by them they will take some if not all.

One items I imported, paid duty and was to be deliver to San Juan. (large piece) wanted to charge more duty about 8 times what I paid already. A year later I was told I could have it with no additional duty buy now had to pay storage. The storage just happened to be the same amount as the 2nd extra duty they wanted.

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What happened to the denuncia you filed?

About the allegation of theft by Customs of 50% of your property?


Thanks for the info. Also, please note your impression was wrong and you were reading something into the question that wasn't there.


That is the Central America taxation System. Is in Spanish, and be aware that some data actually. could be changed. Our data system still having a lack in development.

YOU are an angel thank you.

YOU are an angel thank you.


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Starting a business

in Nic. without fluent Spanish or a competent translator, is indeed, Banging Ones Head.

Also, make sure you have a legit broker for your imports or you pay the 20% 'not in shipment when opened by customs' tax, in addition to the import duties.

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