best chinese moto

i have been asking around about the better brands of the inexpensive chinese bikes. genesis seems to be listed for sale in the paper quite a bit, so i am suspect. i was looking at the jialing 125 though. can anyone offer their experience with any other brands?

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that has one for 2yrs..puts a lot of miles on it and its holding up good..and casa pellis sells them and parts are easy to get..thats important..maybe thats why u see so many for sale..

Do You Know

what your friend paid for it ?

That might be a short-term transition solution for someone waiting for a residency (and the associated duty-free import of a vehicle).

I've seen a lot of that brand around too. It would go a lot of places you want to go, do it cheaply.

My neigbours Genesis is living proof...

5 year old, used every day to go up and own the Chocolata dirt road carrying him at about 250 pounds, and sometimes the whole family; add wife and three kids! No major repairs or rebuilds. He may have just got lucky but for $1,200-1,500 ( about what they were worth when he bought it) he has enjoyed some very cheap transportation and could probably still sell it for trade it in for nearly half of what he paid for it.

The typical complaints are bits falling off (battery cage for example). Without "voiding the warranty" or at least weighing up the pros an cons of that, I might be inclined to pick up a box of metric lock nuts bolts and any secure fasteners (like a split pin nut and bolt) I can find, together with a tube of Loctite or similar and spend a weekend on it before riding it and change or add secure fasteners to the bits that look like they need some extra help. Again, its your gamble on doing anything that may void a warranty versus having to buy a new battery, indicators or bits of plastic.

Some of the more serious and inherent mechanical problems seem to be in the kickstart (internal gear) and as nicanor alluded to, the plastic/nylon bearings.


I had a lot of experience using bike, when i relocated to Nicaragua i bought a HONLEI 250, because is a copy of the 1980 XL 250 Honda. The only problem was a plastic piece in the transmission, but i bought the Honda original and done. I make a trip with my wife from Esteli to kuskawas (Matagalpa. La Dalia, Rancho Grande, Kuskawas), nice perfomance.

I don't know about the others Chinese bikes, but this one have a good quality with a little higher price , i paid $1860.

This brand (also other brands) is distributed by VEMOSA and MINICAR.

PS: for best info try to talk with a technician in a bike repair shop in the city where you live, they have more experience and knowledge about the different brands .

bike shops

Bike shops are quite often hired by distributors because they are the cheapest guy in town not because they are the most savy. So be wary of the information you get from the local bike shop. Know your mechanic !!

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Atento, I don't understand your comment

"the cheapest guy in town" can you explain or give me an example please?