post office

Hi everyone!! i need help locating a package that i sent to Jinotega about 3 weeks ago. I sent it via U.S.A post office. In the past i had mailed many small packages and they all got there in 10 days. I called my local post - office here in the U.S.A and they told me "' once it leaves the U.S.A. that package belongs to that country "Customs" I have the receipt with the custums form #. I tried to call " the oficina de correos in Managua, but they conected me to an extension where no one answers. I called Jinotega everyday and they have not got the package from Managua. What else can i do? Any suggestions?

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shipping time?

Hey I shipped a package to Matagalpa on 12/10/10 USPS Priority Large box 7 lbs, any idea when it should maybe get there? Thanks

USPS says 6-10 biz days.. not sure where my receipt is but I know there isnt a way to track it anyway

Good News

The package arrived yesterday, intact, no explanations. It took 3.5 weeks. My friend was sooooo happy!! The staff at the post office in Jinotega were very friendly!!

my postal experience

I have not received about one in three package sent to me in Nicaragua via al Correo, despite many return visits and supplying them with the tracking number. They were all larger packages in USPS boxes, mostly books and supplements.

Another 1/3 has taken months and also required a tracking number from the USPS. A package of books took 4 months, but did finally arrive. They had all been opened and poorly retaped. Currently awaiting books mailed May 20.

The only thing I've every received quickly has been letters and documents: 10-14 days.

Local post

See the entry near the end of this post, entitled "Insurance" (what you can do depends on what rate you used to ship the parcel: priority mail vs. first class vs. etc.; your local post office is usually not staffed by experts on international mail, so seek other information): . If what you sent is an insurable item, and you did not have normal insurance, indemnity might be your only option. If you have any access, it is via USPS International Inquiry Center, and be forewarned the process could not be much slower: . Three weeks in C.A. is not as long as it might seem. While service is usually pretty good, I know of countless packages that were 4-7 weeks, always for unexplained reasons.

post office

Thank you. I guess i got spoiled the last 18 months. I sent at least 12 packages and they all got there in about 10-12 days. Everything INTACT. I mailed it First- class mail. int'l parcel. It cost me 15.32 for a 1lb 8.80oz. I had taken a trip to Italy and i bought souvenirs for my friends. It's all sentimental. I also mailed a pocket knike, but i checked before and they said it was ok to mail that. I'll give it another 2 weeks. Thank you for all your info. I will try those sites.

lost and gone

I have lost to parcels the last 5 months. Gone with the wind, OHHH I miss my credit card.

Well next stop, washing windshields at the red light. It's a fine line.

My experience

Several airmail letters arrived from western US in about 7-10 days .

Registered airmail letter took twice as long.

Letter from IRS telling me that they could not do my refund electronically for some reason and were therefor forwarding my check to the US Consulate in Managua took 6 months to arrive.

Purchase from geeks .com arrived with $20 worth of merchandise short arrived in a month or so with a careful inventory stating that the missing items were not in the package when opened by customs.

3 or more International priority mail packages arrived in 7-10 days. These did not contain merchandise so did not go thru customs.

Much mail is received marked "found open in Managua" and taped up. Nothing missing.

One package with books was delayed several months because it seems the post office did not bother to put 2 package notices in my box ( or one notice mentioning 2 packages).

Several book packages from got thru in about a month with no problems. a cd/dvd order from Amazon got thruj in about 6 weeks.

a xmas card from my brother with an electronic voice message inside took 6 weeks to arrive.

ps: If you are sending docs to the US, find out if the recipient will accept a fax. Much easier all around.

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Scan Your Docs

into Adobe Acrobat and email them. Quality is much better than fax and you can easily direct them to the intended recipient. B&W 300 dpi will give you a quality copy with small attachment size. Fast and easy. Avoid gray scale or color unless you really need it.

All the "less than $100 HP printers with a glass" support this. I would assume that any other printer with a copier function would as well.

I ship a bit internationally and have found that 1st world PO service has great service, integrity. I sell a laptop with specialized diagnostic software and can use PO to Canada, Europe and Australia, but not to Africa, Eastern Europe and India. However, Fed Ex International Economy or Priority is 100%. I lost a laptop shipped to Kenya in January, customer insisted on PO to save shipping costs ($75 vs $175). The same parcel is $125 by Fed Ex to Europe. USPS International Priority parcels are tracked to country but no further. We know the laptop got to Kenya . . .

One of the reasons Fed Ex is more expensive is the customs duty is calculated and paid up front by the sender unless the recipient has a Fed Ex number to charge it to. With parcels shipped post office, duty is paid by recipient and customs opens the box.

I've shipped Fed Ex to Costa Rica and Brazil, not to Nicaragua yet. $50/60 Not cheap, but if it's something important . . .might be worth the money.

Three days to both destinations, Fed Ex driver hands you the envelope. Fed Ex website is easy to use, prints the customs documents for you. No customs documents are required for documents, which includes CD's and DVD's.

I use USPS International Priority envelopes for lots of dvd's; this is reasonable ($15 to India for example and time was 5 business days). An envelope of documents should be the same price. Max weight is 4 lbs. USPS has a website, postage can be calculated, paid and a label printed on-line:


check with recipient first

Many will not accept a signature by email but will accept fax.

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No Money Inside

This reminds me of an elderly Polish friend who used to write on the envelope, "No money inside", for letters he sent back home.