Fundacion Tierra Builds School Using Innovative Building Methods

Fundacion Tierra Builds School Using Innovative Building Methods

‘Improving the quality of Education for the Children in the Community of Las Brisas#2’

Children of the community of Las Brisas # 2 in the Municipality of SJdS will begin the second half of their school life with some good news, the construction of their little school. This project was carried out thanks to the contribution of FUNDACION TIERRA and the collaboration of Austin Drill, who in coordination with the residents of this community, are building the location in which they will hold classes for 25 children. The parents are responsible for the construction of the school with the financial contribution from FUNDACION TIERRA, as well as support in the construction technique from Mr. Austin Drill who has utilized an economical and sustainable system of local materials such as; bamboo, straw (dry grass), cow manure, clay and sand for construction of the ‘Adobe’ walls of the school house.

This material is found in the area, however; the community sometimes lacks the information and technical training they need in order to make use of them. Children now have a safe and pleasant place to be protected from the harsh sun or rain and not have to walk the nearly three kilometers to reach the community of Las Pampas that is the nearest school community.

FUNDACION TIERRA in association with the project NICACAN is conducting other projects in this community such as the construction of ecological dry toilets and also improved stoves that in order to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of this community.

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nice post

..they need more info like that in a lot of rural areas

I like this stuff a lot.

Mr. Drill (an NL member) is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, a welcome addition to the community and a 'gold mine of information' in the area of sustainable living.