Playa Roca Beach Hotel, Las Penitas-Leon, Nicaragua

Playa Roca Beach Hotel, Las Penitas-Leon, Nicaragua

Playa Roca Beach Hotel, Las Penitas-Leon, Nicaragua

We have been told we are the most under rated beach destination in all of Nicaragua, a northern Nicaraguan sea shore jewel. Why? We are right on the beach, surfing happens only meters from our ocean front property with spectacular views of the waves and an incredible volcanic rock formation that captures the eye of the beholder as the sunsets and waves cascade upon it. The “Rock” also allows for fishing, guitar playing, reading, star gazing, investigating tide pools, etc. It also creates a small bay-like configuration unique to Playa Roca which allows swimming where other areas do not safely. Along with Quicksilver we helped sponsor the 1st International Surf competition in northern Nicaragua's history, which opened up the surfing worlds eyes to what northern Nicaragua has to offer that no one knew previously. Our accommodations are as varied as the travelers needs. From a large private ocean front room (3 meters from the beach) with king sized bed and one bunk bed for $45 a night to a dorm without private bath for $6 per night (3 bunk, 6 person max.). We have private rooms from $20 to $45 per night. We have air conditioning in some rooms for $5 per night for those who want more than the traditional fan, with the ocean breezes normally sufficient. Full bar and restaurant located on the beach front allows for breathtaking sunset viewing or watching the waves roll/crash in while sipping your favorite beverage and listening to the best music.We are on the Pacific Ocean and the fish is fresh from right in front of you. We have fish tacos’, omelette’s, whole, fillet, etc. You won’t find a better “burger” anywhere, especially in Nicaragua, where the tendency is to squeeze all the juices out of any meat. Fruits and vegetables are excellent and normally are not “pesticided” to death if at all. We have the only ocean front WI-FI set up in Las Penitas, so bring your lap top and create your own office setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We also have International phone calling at $.10 minute for US and Canada and most of Europe. We have the only live Sports TV at Playa Roca to watch the big games from Futbol to major league baseball. This month the World Cup, NBA Championships and the U.S. Open highlight the sports menu. It is only a $.50 bus ride and 20 minutes from the colonial capital of Leon to the front of Playa Roca on the newly built (US engineered and sponsored) highway! Juan Vernado Island is only a 10 minute walk down the beach from Playa Roca. Wildlife tours through the winding river allows viewing of crocodiles, herons, sea turtles, iguana’s, etc. . Fishing tours, with world class fishing available (there are no commercial or chartered fleets here yet!) They begin only minutes from Playa Roca. Also available are horseback riding, hiking, bicycling and miles of beach combing/sea shell hunting sea shore, skiing down volcano's, taking tours of world famous Flora de Cana's rum factory, coffee, cigar plantations, shrimp farms and rain forests. Group rates are available upon request which can include food and beverage, but there is no all inclusive rate for the normal traveler as the person can choose his or her meals and beverage from the varied menu. What are you doing sitting around because having fun costs too much? Hawaii at 70% off. Pacific Ocean Paradise at Playa Roca Beach Hotel-Las Penitas, Nicaragua

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A little editing needed

I made an error that I have been caught on, we don't have King size beds, but Queen size in the Ocean front rooms. They seemed big to me, lost my wife on the other side. Other than that, most people don't stay in their rooms anyway, why would they? It's midnight here right now, I am in the beach front restaurant/bar overlooking the 3/4 moon sparkled ocean in front of me. The perfect spot to put my office desk (restaurant table) and answer emails and write a bit of tropical humor to friends and family (I must feel good tonight, my wife says I am even admitting a mistake!). I might even take out the guitar and howl at the moon (I may be 60, but I'm younger than James Taylor), with the temperature still hovering around 79 F, I don't have to worry about catching a cold, and with the sounds of waves in the fore front, I might even sound good. I'm tired, but don't want to go to sleep and miss out on another perfect evening, it's only been, what, 123 nights in a row? Hola y aloha (which means hello and good bye). David "No Basura" Cardin de la Playa Roca

P.S. Check out some of the new pic's I've added to the album:

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Las Penitas

The bastard child to the North. Keep it on the low do you really want the crowds that SJDS has and your surf breaks maxed out all in the name of a higher occupancy and ADR. I will admit it is a nice area. The boat ride through the channel is a blast when there is a decent swell and I bet that new road is a beauty.

Hotel Suyapa

Great food on the beach.

You two wanna check out the NL advertising section?

I don't know what the rates are like.

Good point Juanno, bloke after my own heart

Support the site.why not. Anyway, I'm in .......great pitch. supposing you were hoping to attract more than the Backpackers, How about-we will pick you up at the airport just in case the wife is not sure about this exotic place Nicaragua. And we can offer you a package price for a room for the week...etc. Doesn,t have to be all inclusive, just take care of the important details that backpackers cheapen on. expand a little outside of your box if you can. I say this with respect as someone that appreciates a small business-you could improve on your website, AND picture/photo selection...I Know..everyones a critic,s just..been there done it thing. It can be tough. Good Luck and Bon Chance.

Northern Nicaragua, the bad "step child" of Nicaragua I would love to bring the attention of the Intur's and the ProNicaragua''s, etc. lack of publicity to the detriment of the many splendors of northern Nicaragua. Leon has historically taken a back seat to the wants and needs of the central and southern sections of Nicaragua, namely being Granada and San Juan del Sur. Getting publicity for northern Nicaragua and it's beaches, it's natural wildlife sanctuaries, the rain forests, volcano's, the lakes and highlands, fishing and surfing all seem totally secondary to their destinations that visitors or tourists will see advertised. I am advertising not only for Playa Roca Beach Hotel, Las Penitas-Leon, but for all of northern Nicaragua. If we got the proportional press from the powers that be, I wouldn't or the other person wouldn't have to. It is also easier to advertise when you have the tourist dollars to allow for the campaigns needed for the proper exposure. It helps the advertising budget when you have a lot of help from outside sources promoting for you.

Trade Show?

Are you at the "fenitur" show this weekend?

Its funny, there are some in SJdS right now trying to start a promotions group because they say we are not getting enough exposure.

I have fond memories of your area from my first trip down here. Has anyone started a local beach rag yet? I didn't think it was busy enough for one when I was there.

I am a punter

one that has nothing to do with anything.. but the interest in the wonderful picture you have drawn. and subsequently am attracted to visit your spot as a potential customer. like I said..I'm in... You did that here, yourself. There is lots and lots of ways to promote your business beyond riding the coattails of other agencies that could or will help.. eventually ,once you have established playaroca as a name and place. It's inevitable. they will follow. means Hard work of course, there is more than one way to skin a cat! when it comes to promotion. Marketing is a skill in itself as you know. and as you also know you can't rely on anyone in this life but yourself/selves to make it happen. I would definitely explore, if you are more serious than having a few beers with backpackers turning up viz-via the chicken bus and shooting the shit for a few days. .Advertising on your web-site solutions for getting to your place from the Managua Airport. That would be a start. I am not going to hijack this with other comments, I am being cheeky enough throwing my ten cents around. However, I have been in the hospitality business,different parts of the world myself and was impressed enough with your pitch description and passion, it shouldn't go to waste. Who needs anyone Intur? ProNicaragua? I say this with respect. There are a bunch of places I have known, some my friends have invested in as an idea, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, Dominican,Tobago, even Scotland whereas it was an extension of ego more than a business per se. eventually quite happy to lose money for a while until they got out. I apologise for my audacity. When I read your pitch and checked out your web-site and photographs it reminded me of past experiences with friends in similar situations. Maybe you could make it easy and attractive for us old farts. a checklist of comforts would make a name for yourself. Some pictures/photos would help instead of family shots you might send to cousins. (Jokes) a sample daily/weekly menu would be useful along with any extras not shown. I guess I just want you to spoil me as good if not better than your description of what I'm missing.