perpetual tourism

I've basically taken it for granted that "perpetual tourism" would be an option if I wanted to relocate to Nicaragua (or anywhere else in Latin America, for that matter), but I recently became aware of Colombia's policy which caps total time in the country for non-residents at 6 months per year.

Is perpetual tourism still viable in Nicaragua?

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Honduran Visa Renewal (border hopping again “o.k.”?)

According to radio commentaries, Honduras has reassessed the visa renewal process for long-term volunteers and residents. Several years ago the law was changed and going out of country for a day or two, then returning, was no longer permitted as a means to securing a new visa (another 90 day stay); the then new law meant go outside of CA-4, which meant double the distance and easily quadruple the hassle. Apparently, due to complaints from NGO’s (some of whom shortened projects to avoid this) and part-year residents, the Lobo Administration has somehow reversed the last change. I say "somehow" as I am not sure what allowed it.

A recent 2011 memorandum to immigration attorneys indicates any 48-hour stay out of country is sufficient for visa renewal, highlighting the fact that this can be done by car, bus or air in El Salvador, Nicaragua or Guatemala (the car/bus part is important in that for the last few years renewals per CA-4 countries were awarded via air travel, but were not via land transport). Unfortunately, instead of rethinking the very existence of a questionable law (making people leave your country and spend money in another country to be able to come back and spend more in-country money), the answer appears to be a Presidential directive to lawyers and immigration personnel to do what they did before the last version of the bad law was changed.

Note: this has nothing to do with renewing a Nicaraguan tourist visa. It is posted here in that initially, the CA-4 renewal change was a joint effort (I thought via OCAM: Organización Centroamericana de Directores de Migración?) and OCAM just met 4 months ago in Tegus and I didn’t think this topic was their agenda. It is unclear from news reports if Honduras is going solo on this, or if others may do so, too – though I have not heard of it elsewhere. It does work as I know of people who have recently done it. However, I was not told if they needed to request a Honduran exit, Nicaraguan entrance, and new Honduran entrance stamp – or if it was all handled in some other fashion, strictly on the Honduran end via the original visa slip.


"Yes", depending on what you are willing to do to make this happen. "No", it is not like the old days where you make 2 quick bus trips to any border you chose each year and in return for securing these passports stamps you may basically live there indefinitely. Yes, it is possible but the recent introduction of CA-4 complicates matters. Governments of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, & Nicaragua are CA-4 and they do not require of their citizens a passport to travel between any of the four countries. A Cedula is sufficient. The CA-4 agreement started the Visa Unica Centroamericana for citizens of all other countries, eliminating the need for separate entry visas for each of the other CA-4 countries. Once someone has been admitted he/she is free to travel onto any of the other countries and are allowed to stay through the date authorized at the original port of entry. This means that to get a new stamp you need to leave the CA-4 region for renewal. Living off tourist visa is covered in quite a few posts here. CA-4 is not like Colombia which tracks you via computers and you have a 180-day yearly cap, but it is also not like Nicaragua was 5-15 years ago either.

question..i have residency

in nica..if i would want to travel to hon.or any of the other c-4 countries..would i have to bring my usa passport..or could i enter them on my cedula

I asked this question at

I asked this question at migracion, and they said all you need is your cedula. However, that doesn't mean you don't have to maintain a valid passport at all times. Would I ever travel to Honduras without my passport? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Why ask for trouble?

talk´´s cheap

Migracion can say whatever it wants. In Honduras you are a foreign Non-resident. No passport, no nada. You also have to have your passport to get your Nica exit visa. And probably the international buslines will not sell you a ticket without your passport.

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I don't follow

The same could be said for a Nicaraguan or Guatemalan. What CA-4 is about is being treated like a resident if you are a resident of any of the four countries. Thus, no passports required and no exit visas.

As for international buses, the same should hold true. That is, as long as your trip is with the CA-4, you don't need a passport.

That said, I agree that having yours with you is a good idea.

I am sort of planning a trip

I am sort of planning a trip to Honduras soon. If I go, I will try to keep my passport put away. I will let everyone know how it turns out. And no, I don't plan on trying to get an exit visa.


Thanks mjt, I'll search for previous posts containing "tourist visa". "Perpetual Tourist" didn't turn up anything more recent than 2007.

my experience

with c4 is that it is for "central americans", in this case citizens of the 4 countries involved. That does not include foreign legal residents. I t would be convenient if it did. Keep us posted if you can travel on just a pink cedula.

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