Air Cam Twin

Air Cam Twin

This thing will land anywhere and great for the RAAN and RAAS

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Specs for the Air CAM

AirCam Specifications

(specifications are @ max gross wt., @ MSL, & no wind except where specified)

Engines Rotax 912ULS

HP 200 (Total)

Gross Weight 1,680 lbs

Empty Weight 1,040 lbs

Useful Load 640 lbs

Stall Speed 39 mph

Top Speed (Vne) 110 mph

Cruise Speed 50 to 100 mph Vne (never exceed speed) 110 mph Rate of Climb 1,500 fpm Rate of Climb Solo, 50% fuel 2,000 fpm Rate of Climb Single Engine 300 fpm Fuel Capacity 28 gal Range 340 mi @ 70 mph Endurance 6 Hrs Landing Roll 300 Ft Takeoff Roll less than 200 ft Wings Span 36 ' Length 27' Height (Vert, Stab.) 8'4" Gear width 8'6"

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I would love to have one. How much does it cost?

Who wants to pay for it, for me?

1st Capt. Ron (Title by Miskito Alan)