Looking for 4x4 Truck

Looking for a 4x4 Truck, SUV , or flatbed, approx. $3000, need asap. -call 8987-6282 if you dont have one, dont reply.

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I don't have one either,

I don't have one either, sorry.

60% duty..


I've always wanted to find out the exact % when importing vehicles...60% of appraised value? Really? Wow. Could you point me to a link in the Departamento De Aduanas...I looked around and came up empty. Thanks in advance.


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It is on here someplace

The link was provided by a member...been over a year ago when there was a lot of discussion about bringing cars in. In fact they gave a link to an entire site devoted to this...or at least a portion of a major site. I'll try to go back and find it. I bet someone else wil beat me to it...hope so as some have info pretty close at hand.

A lot huh?


Alra posted this a while back - Import Duty Tax Calculator


Is the vehicle newer than 7 years old?

I did a sample below, Looks about 40%

Tipo de Vehículo:

Tipo Familiar, Turismo y los de Carreras.

Descripción: Gasolina

Cilindrada: 1,001 a 1,500 cm3

Tracción: Traccion sencilla

Procedencia: Estados Unidos

Año: 2007

Precio: 15,000.00

Impuestos aproximados a pagar en dólares=* USD$ 6,055.48


4 wd and a bigger engine...like 4L and it goes up quite a bit...bigger engine does most of it.ZZT

It does indeed Don ZZT

I got it to almost 60% on a $30,000 2007, deisel 4x4 - $17,500 duty....

What is a comparable cost

for such a machine bought used in NICA...cannot help but think it is a lot less. This is one reason I always advise lots of caution bring a car in...even a $6,000 value can cost you another good sun to get out of customs and very hard to send it back...plus will cost you another $1,500 just to do that. ZZT

When I said I got it to 60%...

You know I meant the calculator right? I didn't really do it!!

I agree...Buy Nica. All the prices level out after a while and a $10-12,000 truck is what it is, import or no, fat fees or no.

So did you look at the one I said?

It was there this morning. Dave has another couple he is using so he needs to get rid of this one..."Make him an offer he can't refuse"

sending a car from usa to rama

Does anyone know who the best shipping company to use to send a car to rama nicaragua from the usa? We live in new jersey, but are from rama and we want to send a car to my sister who lives in rama. we have never done this before and need to find a good shipping co. also the vehicle is titled in my name, but am giving the car as a gift to my sister, so i don't know the procedure as far as paperwork and what taxes we might have to pay. thank you

Burnuth Lines in Miami

can get it here on a boat. Look on the internet for contact info. Cost about $1,200 or so. When you clear USA customs outbound in MIA, they will tear up the title. You will need a customs broker in NICA to handle on this end. Will cost about another $400. I reccommend for the broker:

GMM NICARAGUA Tel: 505 22-522828

The duty will be about 60% of the appraised value, unless you have some exemption. Not much room to negotiate the value...go on Kelly Blue Book online and they have a page where you an print out the value in Spanish...that may help get a fair value.

Bottom line is before you ship, find out the duty and if you can truly get around it, or else you could wind up with a really big bill here and no USA title.ZT

Is it a Nica or American Izoozoo?


I don't know, next time I pass by I will ask the seller.

Unless someone wants to tell me how to tell by the VIN #. This is from his web site Tel: 8675-1621, 8984-5898 outerreefsa@gmail.com

And that's about all I can do, seeing as I am just passing on the info based on seeing the 'Se Vende' sign on the vehicle.

Why not just kick the tires

Why not just kick the tires and see what language it responds in? ;>) Seriously though, is there any such thing as a Nicaraguan version. With Toyotas, none are made specifically for Nicaragua, but you can tell what region they were made for, or at least the destination port by the VIN.


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For sale at Good Times Surf Shop in SJdS, 3 grand or so.

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