reverse osmosis system

Does anyone know if you can purchase reverse osmosis systems in Managua and their costs? Has anyone seen them at Pricesmart as Costco sells them in Canada?

Feliz Semana Santa

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everyone for your comments...we'll pay a visit to Aquatek


Aquatec definitely has them; but, they will scalp you! I am going to bring in the system from a company called Titan out of the States. For an equivalent system, they wanted to charge me triple the cost. Shop around before you commit to Aquatec.

Same system as Aquatech sells

for $ 266,-- costs just under $ 200,-- in the US. For the difference, I don't have to transport it. Money well spent in my opinion.

As someone

who has carried in a lot of stuff....i second the idea that buying here is the way to, in some USA areas you will pay sales add another $15 and gets closer. Plus, buying local does other things. If you cannot get close to the exact thing you want, bring it in. But if it's here, even at a premium that is not too great, buying here helps local business and gives them incentive to carry such items. if you nickel and dime them on those, you will never get a broader line here.ZZT

Where to buy?

The big issue here is how to figure out what is available, where to buy it and, in some cases, what is the local alternative. The RO water filter, and a 12V RV pump are but two cases for me and I now know where to get both.

Susan (sball) and I have been talking about this. That is, what could be built here (meaning on NL or linked to NL) that would address this need. It's non-trivial (because of the "Nicaraguan alternatives" piece) and, unless done right from a user point of view, it just won't get filled up with the right info.

A discussion here is pretty much a thread hijack but here is where we are thinking about it. Check in (a comment or a PM) if you are interested in tossing this idea around. I do think it is one of the most important things that NL can do for the community.

Would a supplier directory work?

Like have a list of a good E mail contacts starting with each of the more obvious places which would then build up to a mini yellow pages of key suppliers.

Send out an 'E mailer' saying that NL represents a group of .......whatever we are.....and suggest that we could send business their way (explain why as someone said, we want to deal locally if we can). We could use a couple of examples from real life questions to help explain it.

Secret is to let them do some of the work in the initial stages like contact names and products lines etc.

I think that before long we could have them importing 'specials' and even calling us a buyers group, such as telling us they have 25 water heaters coming from a supplier, first 25 names in gets one!!

I hope I haven't just blown out someones business plan.

Great Idea and really valuable


At Aquatech - Manangua

U$ 266.-- including tax

Does anyone have a link for

Does anyone have a link for Aquatech?