Rumor of Kathy's, of Kathy's Pancake House, death

I've just been told that Kathy of Kathy's Pancake House is dead of self-inflicted gunshot this morning.

Anyone else know anything about this?

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Kathy's Waffle House Open Again

Just to let everyone know that Kathy's Waffle House is open for business again.

so sad...

We were sad to hear about the death of Kathy. We will be praying for her husband, family and the community of Granada with the passing of such a beautiful and vibrant young woman.


That is very sad news indeed.

Such a public figure and personality.

Kathy of Kathy's Waffle House

Kathy of Kathy's Waffle House passed away Friday night at around, I believe, 9:00 PM. Sadly, she took her own life after what her doctor reported was several months of depression. Her husband was Sandy Perkoff and she had many friends and a large family though no children of their own.

The wake was last night and heavily attended. The funeral is today at 3:00 PM at the main cathedral at the Central Park. Kathy was one of the most well known and liked people of Granada. A rare combination of beauty, intelligence and hard-working, she and Sandy made Kathy's Waffle House an icon of Granada.

I walk my dog every day between 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM often passing by her restaurant. Though having a large restaurant crew of family and employees, she would be mopping the floors herself. She would always take the time to greet me. We'll miss her. Truly one of the most wonderful people in Granada. So sad when they are taken at a young age.

Sorry, Kathy's Waffle House

....waffle, not pancake.

I'll take a look

at TRN...maybe more his crowd there


Dr Jason reports that it was young Kathy not the old man who pulled the trigger on herself last night....