Bar/Lounge in Nicaragua...

I am moving to Nicaragua in a week and would like to open a Bar/Lounge somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas? Or Suggestions?

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Beachfront Restaurant has been leased.

To all the posters interested in the Beachfront location, the property is no longer available. A client has been found.

Please advise if you are interested in another location. If so please advise what size of property.

San Juan Del Sur

I have a beach front restaurant available that may work for you.

Please PM if interested

beach front restaurant

you have a beachfront restaurant for sale?

which one? i have always been interested in running a bar or rest. in SJDS

are you selling it? how much?


The Restaurant

is located on the Malecon. It is concession with a long term auto repeat contract. Monthly rent is U$1100 per month. The restaurant is fully furnished and includes with a liquor license.

For additional info please visit my office or PM.

Restaurante Velero

Soon to re-open as Pizzeria El Stradivari. Separate but right next door to the new Italian Job by the same name. But we still have no "Mancho Wok". Steer your clients the right way will you, beach front Chinese food. "San Juan Gai" - love that name.

Now that was funny!

I post the "FdeC headache" comment under "Did (Most) Everyone Get a Headache?" and up comes a guy wanting to open a bar. I saw the humor. Come on down to SJdS my friend, we got great coffee as well. I need someone knew to tell some stories to.


Hello Juanno...I will be in Nicaragua in a week...I will be checking out all the towns, and would love to have a cup o coffee and here some stories! haha...From browsing on this site, I see your name a lot...


Don't be fooled by that, it's all nonsense.

Many think I am crazy!! And lose the "Aloha", this ain't Hawaii, but I Iike the shirts. Love to see you.