salvaged cars and motorcycles

i can get a good deal on a salvaged bmw motorcycle up in the states..dose anyone know if u can bring salvaged vehicles down here

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motorcycle import

i am thinking of importing a large motorcycle 1560cc up but can not locate any official sites containing info on import duty and all other charge's related to this.As with all developing countries,motorcycles are considered high end and duty can be prohibitive,i.e,thailand duty is 210% of new price of model,as with most developing countries there are loophole's that may be used to your advantage.Any ideas out there. Gyles

Importing Motorcycles

I'm also trying to import a 1100cc M/C into Nicaragua. I have asked friends and family in Nica. and the answer I get is that a motorcycle will pay import taxes as a luxury item. However, no one seems to know what the tax would be.

You can write to the Dirección General de Aduanas, (Customs) at maybe, you'll get some answers. (I didn't get any).

There's also an on-line calculator to estimate the import tax in all other vehicles here:

Good Luck


Impotring Motorcycles

Yes m/c's are classed as so called "high end items"i have been told tax is 40% of 1)new price of model 2)custom's own valuation of model ? 3)face value of bill of sale from 3 different people who have imported everything except m/c's. with no fixed rate you may well end up watching your pride and joy ridden off into the setting sun by i.e. other.If i come across any info i'll post it here.Lynchwood

Harley's are Coming....

Does your residency give you duty free import? If not I guess it could be up to 40% duty. Alternative is to buy a new Harley in Managua. Rich peoples toys is what the Gov. will see them as. So will the transit cops, keep some of those new plastic 200's handy. I'm just jealous man....Get your motor running.

The Harleys are coming! (to SJdS)

This year’s two day Harley Davidson event will be held in Managua on the Friday the 26th (AC/DC Tribute) and in San Juan del Sur on Saturday 27th of February. The bikes will leave Managua at11: 30 pm for the ride south, will gather outside of town and then at 2: 15 pm parade through town. This is a “must see event” as these guys (and gals) put on quite the show. Then at 7:00pm the beach party starts at ARRIBAS.

Salvage Motorcycles

In December 2009 I brought a 2004 Honda xl250 to Nicaragua without a title. I just got a 3 day trip permit in the States (in my case, Washington) and Nicaragua accepts this paperwork in lieu of a title for motorcycles only - not cars. I learned this trick in Guatemala where I imported more than 20 motos from the States and didn't have to go through all the time and expense to get a full title. I don't know if there is an age limit on motos like on cars. At the same time I brought in the Honda moto I imported a 1993 Ford diesel truck (32,000 lbs) and it was expempt from the age limitation because it was considered heavy equipment. Good luck and happy riding!

First post on nicaliving a

First post on nicaliving a big Hello to all. what is a 3 day trip permit,is it a nica or u.s. permit ,is there a site i can use to get more info on this,was any import duty charged on XL etc,etc all info on this matter would be ahelp to me.


A 3-day permit is a U.S. state issued document in lieu of a formal title (some states label them 72-hour permits, "transit permits", or "transfer permits", etc.). The intent is to provide a legal way to get the repaired or untabbed vehicle to the inspection, emission, titling center, etc., - as it is against the law to drive an untitled / unlicensed vehicle on public roads. They are often cheap, with some states being just $5, and some states also now allow you to buy this online. In other states, the cost for a damaged motorcylce may seem excessive ($45) for what you are getting - especially if you already fronted fees for the salvage title itself. In most states the permit can only be secured for road vehicles (for actual highway travel), so off-road vehicles do not qualify.

Nice one mjt.

Nice one mjt.

To title it?

Are you planning on bringing it to fix it and license it, or is it a bike to use on your own property (enduro or dirt bike)?

i want to bring it

down and license it..i want it legal for road use..but some one told me u cannt do that with salvaged vehicles


While this could be a pain, it might also work. I bought a salvaged motorcycle in California many years ago. But, all I had to do was get it "un-salvaged". As I remember, I just had to bring it to the Department of Motor Vehicles, show them it was now road-worthy and the VIN matched.

Maybe you can do that first, then bring it down. It means money on both ends but it could work.


This process still exists in most States, assuming it is true "salvage". In many states, people call it this even though they havn't a title at all, only a legit receipt - which in most locales is technically a different thing, "Bill of Sale - No Title Issued", which is a different headache. Each state has its own system and setup. In some states you need to be a resident to do this there, and title must also be from that same state. In many States the State Patrol does the inspection, not the DMV. In some states you need to go through the title process twice, one as salvage, once as rectification (or whatever they call it, "Rebuilt Title" in some states); you may or may not have a VIN-match fee. You have those fees, plus all repair fees unless you can do it yourself (keep receipts/bills; in some states you need to attach them to the Rebuilt Affadvitt), plus the inspection fee (could be $50-150, or even more). In some states if the bike has not been licensed for previous years, there are fees for that, too. The only upside is that many vehicles are salvaged when they are reasonable to fix, and that some states price salvage registration at a fraction of non-salvage. Importing with a salvage title might be risky regardless what anyone says as it just seems like the kind of thing that could easily go wrong on you.


Acc724: As far as I know, only vehicles that are 7 years old or NEWER can be brought in.


What was the Grandfather clause in the 7 year rule?

I'm thinking of the old Land Rovers and some of the Managua Car Club vehicles. Must have been OK on the initial registration being before the law and so subsequent renewals are OK . They have some nice oldies here. Must have been here before the rule or there is a special status, cherished vehicle category.