Playa Gigante, the cops are our friends

Playa Gigante, the cops are our friends

Another year older and more out of debt. You gotta love the life living out from under the thumb.

Just an all round great year was 2009. Surf was some of the best in years and October was without doubt the best October since I've been here. Yeah no rain.

Our little village is growing and gasp… there are other gringos living here now! Stoke. Honest it just makes the vibe that much better. Check out the police in the photo above. They just stopped by to say there were in the area and they were stoked to pose with India and Nicole. Don't try this at home folks.

By now you know the drill… follow the link to more photos.

Love to surf out this season so write damn it.


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One way of getting people to talk to the cops

Send these two to SJdS in the same Gigante uniform, have em walk around and ask each of the local boys to "Tell me something I don't know". We will have all the criminals locked up in about, oh, a day!

I'm Not Getting

too excited until I get a little closer to the "girls".

Do you think those clubs hurt . . .bad?