Dental work in Nicaragua?

Has anybody had dental work (Root Canals, Fillings) done in Managua or elsewhere in Nicaragua? If so what is the cost or the quality of work? I am moving down in Spring and debating having some work done before I go.. Thanks in advance.

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First hand experience with dental care in Nicagragua

has been great for me.

I had 4 teeth capped, and a bunch of other work done including upper and lower partials. $ 980.--. This work was done in Rivas.

Cleaning, plus one filling in SJDS $20,--

I will second Roger on dental care

I've had some excellent dental work in Nicaragua-my dentist here in Canada keeps sending me letters to come back but I think she has lost me as a customer. A new crown that was going to cost me 1100 dollars in Canada I got done for 200 in Granada. A replacement cap that had been put in by my Canadian dentist fell off after a year. Cost was 500 dollars here-had it done in Chinandega cost me 25 dollars and has now lasted more than 3 years. Look around down there but they do have some excellent cheap dentists. So you can get dental work done and have a great vacation for same amount that it would cost you in Canada -that includes the airfare.

very good.

Don't do anything in US, you can have the same or better done here.

I have recommended a couple of people to a dentist I know in Managua, one of them saved 20.000 US$, yes!!!!!! If you like phone numbers to the clients, they will for sure give you the # in Managua.

I am not in this biz, but if I can save a friend a few dollars I do it with pleasure.


shop around

Price and quality vary considerably. I would ask for personal recommendations from expats or MIDDLE AND UPPER CLASS Nicas.

That being said, when you find a good dentist here, expect to get first class work for 20% or less than you would pay in the States . I had a crwon done here in esteli a few months ago for usd100.

although this is more than my copay would have been on my US insurance, it was much less than the $500 or more retail price.

Dentist and lab did great work, and faster than I am used to Stateside.

If you are wondering about my first comment, be advised that low income Nicas don't use dental services or only go for emergency extractions and are, therefore, not real great for references.

¨Latin America devours its revolutionaries¨ -Simon Bolivar

dentist in Esteli

Can you give the name of the dentist in esteli you used?... I'd like to see one while I'm in town


Dr. Rodolfo Badilla Surgeon Dentist ; is next to ProCredit (south bound), is very professional have modern equipment, maybe is not the cheaper one, but i will high recommend.

Tel 2 7132334


I will contact him today