Education system needing improvement?

I happened to run across this article while reading about Peru. Wow! So that got me thinking about education in Nicaragua and Central America. And I was surprised to see, based on my reading here, that the school system in Nicaragua doesn't look a lot better.

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We don't need no Education.....Teacher, leave those Kids alone

There are so many things in that "article" I don't agree with so why bother. I took a look at the "author's" site and all I can think this is a person that probably had a real bad experience both at home and at school . He puts a lot of emphasis on the "individuality" of the child and how the methods used to teach on these poor countries are detrimental to the child. I would not deny that there are some things that need to change , if physical punishment is still being practiced by some teachers that has to stop. For me going to school , wearing a uniform from kinder through high school , was something I enjoyed a lot . And for somebody that experienced high school in Nicaragua and the US I could point out the many pros and cons of both systems. As of right now the US ranking amongst industrialized countries is slipping well below a few Asian nations. Like I said there is so much to counter that well best leave it . One last thing though. A child needs our respect and love and understanding and that child needs to be taught to respect , love and understand .

Sorry jaimezee, but it seems

Sorry jaimezee, but it seems that nobody thinks much of your source of information. All I can say is that if this is the sort of article that you glean useful information from, I've got some land in Florida you'd just love. :)

Gotta be a joke

This has got to be put on, or some kind of test.ZZT

Please excuse the language

but this man is a fk***ing IDIOT


That was one of the saddest, most ignorant, and presumptuous "articles" I've read in a while. The author is obviously clueless about what life, education, and professionalism are really like in Peru as well as in North America. Like the second commenter said, I could go on but why waste the server space and time?


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What I could not tell from

What I could not tell from this article was what education in Peru was like. This guy says he spent a year in Peru, but was obviously clueless. He took pictures of open air classrooms that had bars on the windows and declared it prison-like (he obviously never learned that you need physical security, or else everything in the classroom would disappear). He took pictures of students in uniforms, and declared it to be like Hitler or Stalin. What a brainless fucking ninny! Does anyone remember having crossing guards and patrols or hall monitors in the states? They assisted in safety and monitoring, and served what I would call a very useful function. And does anyone remember dress codes? I have news for him: Dress codes and uniforms are coming back in a big way in the US. To think that education is possible at all with no discipline is a clear sign of a severe case of optirectalosis (for those unfamiliar with that disease, let me just say that it is caused by having one's head buried in one's ass for too long). l'll admit that teaching kids to goose-step and stomp their feet might be a little questionable, but to say it is anything more is even more questionable. It is certainly not an indication of a poor educational system. It would be nice to know who paid for his little trip so I could ask them to fund me for a while. I'm sure I could find some equally useless venture to pursue.

The author needs to be reminded in which continent he is.....

In case he inadvertently forgot, he is in a Spanish speaking country where English is not the main language. In fact students are not required to take a foreign language, which in 99% of the time happens to be English until they reach Junior or Senior year in high school. So expecting what appears to be a 5th or 6th grader to "say her name in English" is not only offensive but more importantly it shows the lack of knowledge & understanding that the author displays about the subjects he/she is being critical of.

The author goes on to make another observation about a female student riding a public bus on her way to school and makes emphasis that it's 6:30 A.M. and the child should be home sleeping instead.......someone should remind him/her that school in America starts at 7:30 A.m. (at least that was the case when I attended school) and you are expected to be at the bus stop at /or around 6:30 A.M. I could go on, but no need to waste space on fyl's server.


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