The Nicaraguan Consulate in Miami, Florida, has an improved website.

Information on Residency in English. Lots of useful information provided by the Nicaraguan Government. Email addresses to send questions to. Use Google "Language Tools" to translate the website or individual documents.

Please keep in mind that the "Residency Requirements" can vary a lot depending on who you talk to, i.e. Goverment workers in Nicaragua, attorneys in Nicaragua, people who obtained their Residency one to 10 years ago, employees at Consulates/Embassies in the United States, etc.

Scott Banks

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I actually sent them an email a few months back. The consulate left me a message at my home phone which I didnt return, but they never forgot about me. They continued to call me, until the reached me. This office is a pleasure to work with. Nice caring people who want to help.

Ron Burton

Ron: Nice caring people who want to help.

I feel the same exact way - Bring a bottle of "Dewar's White Label" or even a 750ml of "Flor De Cana" and I promise to be "Nice caring people who want to help". _____________________________________________________________________


It's good to know that...