La Concordia?

We drove through the little town of La Concordia on our way from Miraflor to Jinotega. At the time, we were in a bit of a hurry, so we didn't really stop or pay too much attention to it. Later, upon further reflection, the fact that it is on a nice paved road just 32 km from Jinotega, and the fact that it looks like a cute hillside town, attracted our interest. That it might soon have a good road to Esteli would be another big plus.

Has anyone spent time in La Concordia? Is it in fact a nice little town? Does anyone know its microclimate? Do they have plenty of water or are there shortages? Is there any information online besides wikipedia and Is manfut correct that there are a few comedores and (apparently) no hospedajes?


P.S. I couldn't find a forum category to ask general questions about specific cities/towns. This seemed the closest.

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La Concepcion in Masaya

Kevin; Have you researched a little town in Masaya named la Concepcion. It is at the top of the mountain range between Masaya and Carazo. The weather is nice and you have great internet access, good roads, close to San Marcos and Jinotepe as well as Managua. Very centrally located. and easily accesable form 3 or 4 different highways. I'm not sure about the elevation, but it is probably the highest town in the pacific. You will have to research the height.


La Concepcion

Most of the towns around Jinotepe (apparently including La Concepcion) are something like 500-600 meters. Even El Crucero looks like about 800, which is lower than Esteli. We really want to be above 950 or so.

Also, we would prefer to be farther away from Managua (and Granada for that matter).

But thanks for the idea!

Don't know much about it,

Don't know much about it, but here is a blog with a little info about the town:

"The Plaza: The Plaza is in the center of town. Sometimes it is not so much what is in the Plaza but what is around it. On the high edge of the Plaza is the Church taking up one quarter of the boundary. Across the Plaza on the corner is the Health Center which is a fairly busy place. Up on the corner is the party headquarters of the Sandanista Party, the Party in control (President Daniel Ortega) including at the local level. On the adjacent corner is the half constructed community center. Next to the community center is the house of the gringa (Lauren). Three doors down is the Cybercafe with 4 old computers."

La Concordia blog

Awesome! Thanks! Not sure why that never came up in my web searches.

A little info

My "introduction" to La Concordia was a month before I moved to Nicaragua. I was driving from Estelí to Jinotega on the dirt (and, then, very bad) dirt road. There were two women (and later, another) standing along the road seemingly waiting for a ride. I offered them. I was later surprised to find out a bus ran on that road but that was before learned that buses ran virtually everywhere.

They were going to La Concordia. They were, as a matter of fact, from the town. They told me "the most beautiful women in Nicaragua are from La Condordia". I relayed this to friends and their comment was "that's a lie".

I have been there a few times, never more than driving around a bit to see what was there and buying some stuff in a pulpuria. I do remember a comedor but I don't remember seeing any place that rented rooms.

Knowing what I know today about "how rural Nicaragua works", if I wanted to stay there for a night or even a few days, I would go to a pulpuria and ask about renting a room. I would expect you would be offered a few options which would also solve your place to eat problem.

To put costs in perspective, Estelí Spanish schools tend to offer a home stay option which gets you a private room in a Nicaraguan house and meals. That cost, last time I checked, was $30-40/week and that is in the city of Estelí itself, not in the campo.

OMG, La Concordia???? Hell yeah!!!

My great-grandparents were from la Concordia, I visited when I was a kid but do not know much about it because their kids decided to move to big-city Estelí. What I know is that a LOT of Europeans (Spaniards, Italian, German, etc.) decided to settle there – I guess for a good reason and I’m sure CLIMATE had a lot to do with it- back in the day. People do claim that “the most beautiful women are from La Concordia” but in Nicaragua fair-skinned is considered special – even beautiful? – to each its own. So I'm not THAT surprised about that statement. I do remember jokes about women growing moustaches as they got older, so I know some Italianos (God bless them!) were there for sure..LOL..

I have gone through

La Concordia hundreds of times,and have visited the city/ate there etc,numerous time,and believe me tons of green and blue eyes folks there,men and women alike.

So whomever told phil,it was not true, more than likely they've never been/spend a considerable amount of time in the town of La Concordia,San Rafael is the same as well.