Hunting In Nicaragua

I have been hunting Doves in Argentina twice a year for 3 years now. Well, I decided to learn to speak spanish and be able to be in charge of some of my own communications with all of the very nice spanish people whom I came in contact with. I booked a school in Costa Rica and have spent the last 4-5 months giving it my best shot, wish someone had told me to learn english first before I started on another language. I am now feeling a lot more confortable traveling in Central America, my ability to speak spanish is not great but I can now after 4 months get in and out of the bathroom, the bar and a few other places. I have traveled to SJDS and like the idea of setting up my dove hunting operation in Nicaragua. It seems the dove hunting would be in the Leon or chinendaga area, I know this only from my research on the web. My idea would be to rent a finca and try to produce my dove hunting idea there, if I have good luck then buy a finca and build a few small nica casas for local families to help with the farming and dove operations. I think I and my hunting buddies could stay with the faimlies, kinda like the home stay program that is use with spanish school. Well any way I could go on for every with a lot ideas that dont work in a place I know almost nothing about. If anyone has any suggestion about WHERE, HOW and WHY NOT, I would be all ears.

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Today I saw Wabbit Hunters....

I saw some people Hunting Wabbits....with shot guns... nothing was left of the poor animals....Close to Granada... near Mombacho.

neat idea

Loved your comment about speaking English first!

Qualifier: I have no specific info for you, however:

Having started "bird-doggin" dove (and quail) for my dad at the age of 4, and then hunting them for close to 20 years, I can tell you the idea has merit. My home in Boaco is on a regular fly-route of some of the biggest whitewings I've EVER seen -- truly giant suckers. There is also another species, in smaller numbers, about the same size but with somewhat purplish plummage on the head.

When I first saw all this, I talked to locals who said they never hunt them here but there is some hunting down near Juigalpa. No one here seems to have any idea of seasons, permits, etc., so I just let it drop.

I do like the idea...

Not good Idea!

The advice ? talk to locals. just becouse you are talking to another usonian that is it? not even revolucionaries killed them to eat in war time, and you are offering them already, I dont tell you not to do it but the reputation will begin to deteriorate, pople of Nicaragua will not appriciate seen other people with weapons aroud do your research thats why we went to war for abuses, I dont doubt comanche true sportmanship intencions, but usally hunting in Nicaragua comes with a permision you have to let know the main goverment that you are coming to hunt and only probably you will be given a permit if there is a special hunting comision and that will be supervised by somebody of the country, 5000 dollars fine if you are cath with a weapon in mexico if you are a foreigner. There is people around there that will begin to complaint heavily latter soon youll be in front page of "La Prensa"

Finca = 4X4 Flor De Cana Easter Hunt

I like that idea better.... Just Imagine: Having Drunk 4x4'ers, with shotgun, shooting anything moving.....