People decide to run w the bulls

People decide to run w the bulls

the horses don't have a choice...2 or third bull broke lose near Xalteva Park and headed back up the street, all hell broke lose and the panicked bull raced head first right at the cowboys' rearing horse,goring the horse dead center... about this same time I was being pick pocketed by a surging mass of chavallos...

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Do you have video or photos of the scene you describe? This was intended to reply to the AZT description...

It was at this event 6 years ago that I learned about pickpockets by being pick-pocketed. Back then the event was just the weekend unlike now and a crafy Nica got my front pocket right in El Club. Lot of crooks working that room that night. Fair play as I later found at that Managuans come down to this event for the sole purpose of picking pockets. What bothered me more as there had to be other Nicas who saw and did nothing. When I told my story to other gringos all had relayed similar experiences. Some use zippers and inside pockets sewed inside waist, etc. I never carry anything in my pockets just sock only money I need for that night.

I have some photos

I can post if you like...soon as I find my cable to connect camera to computer. Pretty sad scene.ZZT

please do

I found this recent video.

Anyone get hurt this year?


did they get anything?

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -Thomas Jefferson-


Guy shouldn't be exposing his kid to the dreadful scene. I learned long time ago to not carry anything in your pockets front or back. One time I was in crowd and felt 4 hands in 4 pockets at the same time! I had 200 cords in my sock so I was ok.

That's life ...

... ended. Death is very much a part of life that few gringos get exposed to, especially in such rawness.

It was an accident. A man lost his horse. To many poor Latinos, animals are beasts. Soulless creatures.

And most of these actions are not thought to be cruel in this culture. Search for a chapter of the S.P.C.A. in Latin America. I tried to find several on ... nada.

Interesting that the enterprising youth of Granada saw this as an opportunity to try to fleece the distracted gringo. But not unexpected, really Steve.

Part of the heritage

Blood and Death -one place where the Spanish and Indian cultures merged well


so so sad.

much love

Cruelty prevailed

After the healthy bulls were paraded down the street.....held by ropes and not one soul daring to get within 10 meters of these proud, healthy animals, the sickly, thin ones, exhausted from the run down slippery streets came on. It was not the running of the bulls, they were beaten and when they fell ( slipped or from exhaustion) they were poke in the eyes with sticks, kicked in the ribs an even used as a springboard with people jumping on their sides. Quite a spectacle and reveals a lot about the character of the participants.....and maybe the spectators.ZZT

Is it me

Or are you guys sounding like seasoned novelists ? Must be lack of English in speech.

It's you