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I just looked at what Claro has to offer on satellite TV. The word that comes to mind is "sucks". I guess Sky is an option but a Google search turned up a lot of into about Mexico and nothing about Nicaragua. So, tell me what is available and where.

First, I clearly want Telesur. Whether you like their politics or not, they are a very important news source in Latin America. And, hopefully without getting labeled as a Communist (again) I would love to get CubaVision. Why? Because their news treats countries equal regardless of size. It is pretty refreshing to hear the most important news story from a country I may have never heard of.

Yes, I would like some "legitimate" channels. A&E for example and some movies in Spanish. Things in English are of little interest.

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Yes, we get History Channel, A&E, TNT, and also Spanish channels like Telemundo, Univision, and HBO Espanol, and Cinemax Espanol. Some other Spanish ones as well. You need the 36 inch dish as it is more sensitive as some of the birds signal just go south enough for Nicaland. Note this is for Dish Network subscription in USA so you purchase package you want from them. Like everything else it may be hard to get stuff you need in Nicaragua in terms of hardware. So you should bring the RG6 and desic and LNB etc. If you try to bring a small dish in you may get through but if stopped they will confiscate. You have to have a license from Telcor. So bringing in the 36 inch is almost impossible (never tried it) and hard to get in Nicaragua.

If it will go in a suitcase

If it will go in a suitcase maybe not a problem.

SKY Packages

I just requested the packages for casares and they emailed them in PDF, If you want them with contact info and a guy that replies to your emails, email me and and I will forward his email that he sent me.

Jorge Giraldez-Benard Latin American Advisors Company Ltd Texaco El Cortijo 1/2 C al Sur Casa 300 Res. El Cortijo, Managua, Nicaragua C.A.. e-mail Skype, YahooPager & MSN User name: JGiraldezB Man

Sky Satellite

Fyl, back in March, I had Sky installed in Pochomil. The price isn't bad - c$200 per month. Signal clarity is great as it is a cable feed and as long as weather doesn't affect the office transmission and no one "taps" into the line which seems to happen quite a bit. Installation was c$100. Channel availability for the basic service is 25 I think. I will note the channel lineup and report back to you along with channel options and packages that may be available. If you are a "novelista", you will be in heaven as the majority of the channels are for soaps. There are a lot of sports channels - soccer - plus the local feeds. The only real movie channel is TNT. This was an improvement over the three rabbit ear channels that we received with snow.

Sky for Masachapa

Hi! I have a house in Msaschapa. How can I get Sky TV installed in my house. What am I supposed to do and where do I have to contact to get in touch? Thanks in advance for an answer.

Sky in Masachappa

Mar Cable is the distributor. Don Arlen would be the person to talk to. He can be reached at +505 (8) 362189. Buena suerte!

Phone number

Many thanks. It seems to me that there is one number missing in the phone number.


is what I have been using for years.

Drawback: No local channels and it goes down once a while until the new codes are available.


What is/who is FTA?

FTA = Free to air

You purchase a receiver and a satellite antenna. One of the members here sells the systems. Last price I was told was $1000 installed.

Be advised system is down right now due to new encoding system. Hopefully will be back soon. Prior to this downtime it worked for over 6-7 month uninterrupted.


Just an antenna and receiver. Not sure what the keys/encoding have to do with it as there are lots of free feeds. I was trying to avoid this—mostly because the stuff I would like to get seems to be on C-band meaning a huge dish. But, ok, can be done.

Actually, I used to have a C-band system in Seattle. I gave it away before moving to Costa Rica.

Free to air is a bit different than C -band used to be

As you probably know there are quite a number of Satellites feeding TV Signals. Just pick the one that suits you and is within your reach. Lock onto the signal and if you have the correct codes for your receiver you'll have television at a superb quality.

I have access to about 300 plus channels. (Including the music channels).

The antenna is an old Direct TV Dish antenna and LNB.


When I was in Costa Rica my friend said "I have two old DirecTV antennas. I guy offered me $50 for them. Are they good for anything"? I told her no, sell them. :-)

3 Foot dish is best

The 18 inch dish used by DirecTV and Dish Network will work on some birds though. Hard to get the 3 foot in Nicaland. I don't know what moron would pay 1000 USD for FTA receiver when they can be had for about 130 USD and probably twice that for an HDTV one. (prices are coming down). With a satellite detector $15.00 and an old dish and LNB your on your way. You can flash the BIN eprom of the receiver to decode the Dish Network transmissions and get all Dish Network service from USA. Many Bars in Managua do this. Unfortunately Dish Network may go the way DirecTV did 5 years ago and make the feed unhackable- so only a matter of time if the rumors are true. The FTA "free" channels are nothing I want to watch and the Nicaraguan satellite TV is OK-Cable is much better and usually allows internet options.

Best option in my view is to sign up for the service in USA (Dish Network)with the package you want. Put receiver in your suitcase and set up in Nicaland. USA channels and Sports, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Cost is from 30 to 50 USD but far better than all the crappy channels in Nicaragua satellite service. 36 inch dish is best but 18 inch will work.

Not what I want

I don't want US channels. Actually, I don't want TV but I thing I will be stuck with it so I would like it to be useful.

On the top of my list are:

  • Telesur
  • A&E
  • Some educational stuff that kids might actually watch
  • Cubavision
  • Movies in Spanish

Add over-air from Managua (which I can get with an outside antenna) and we are fine.


the footprint still cover nicaragua with a 3 footer dish?have you tried it?