Nueva Radio Ya

I recently have been listening to nueva radio ya. You can find it at 99.1MHz FM. I know it has an AM frequency and a web site as well. I have listened before for short stints but recently it has been more like 12 hours over the last week or so.

I initially picked it to listen to because I wanted to listen to someone speaking Spanish. After flipping through a lot of FM stations, many full of the kind of 1970s music in English that I didn't want to listen to in the 1970s, I decided it was my best choice for something that would just talk to me. I have now listened enough that I want to comment on its content.

Or, more accurately, I am looking for what others think. It is clearly pro-government (for example, references to Eduardo "La Rata" Montealegre) but rather than political preaching (which can be found on all sides), it is much more pro-people. What I am wondering is how others see their position. That is, is it generally good for Nicaragua, bad for Nicaragua, ...

Neuva radio ya, seems to be very different from most of what you find on the radio. The agenda seems to be showing you that you are part of what is happening. That means both your participation counts and that the government is doing things for you. While some may question whether this is the truth, the reality is that the programming shows participation rather than just dishing out propaganda. It doesn't dwell on comparisons with other administrations—it just talks about what is happening now.

So, are Nicaraguans being duped by slick Communist (or other "-ist") propaganda or is this station just offering real information in a positive light about Nicaragua?

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To answer your questions

Radio Ya is owned by the Ortega Family just like Channel 4 and Radio Sandino. It is directly benefited by all the government advertising while other stations are left out or given a very small amount. The are pushing the agenda of Ortega-Murillo in a blind kind of way, that if you don't agree with everything we say and do then you are an enemy of the new revolution. Yes there are other stations that are anti-ortega and the difference is that they will soon be closed for their actions something that did not happen during the previous administrations. The reason the FSLN is back on top is because they are excellent propagantist something the liberals lack. As you have heard the FLSN continuosly accuses the liberals of stealing 600 million dollars with the CENIS but what no one mentions is how the Ortegas and theri inner circle became millionares overnight with all the consfications and stealing they did at the end of the 1980's. When they handed over the country to Violeta Chamorror they kept all the best industries for themselves and then a few years later it was a few sandinistas that helped lead the bank failures which is why the CENIS were needed in the first place. The truth is side is corrupt in nicaragua, weather FLSN or so called Liberals. The Sandinistas are just better at making the poor people thing they are on their side and looking out for their interest.

But, are they?

Your last sentence points at what I am talking about but doesn't answer the question. To me, Ya has a definite agenda just like all media. Some have a better-defined agenda than others—FOX vs. the BBC, for example.

My question is whether Ya is good for Nicaragua/most Nicaraguans? To me, clearly better than stations with 1970s U.S. music and ads selling bad food and zit cream.

For extra credit, is their reporting (news-wise) full of lies or does it just tend to present one side of issues?

I guess a good comparision is like when corporate media in the US continued to pretend there was no financial meltdown about to happen until it could not be denied (and now are pretending it will all be ok soon).