sociedad anonima

Hello to everyone,I would like to know if anyone has an idea what it cost to do the paperwork for a Sociedad Anonima with an attorney, this is for a Pulperia im want to open.Thanks for everyone's help...

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SA for Pulperia

I have some friends here in Granada who went through all this and they have an SA for a pulperia that went belly up. In Costa Rica you can sell your SA. Is it the same here in Nicaragua? You could buy theirs. It includes a liquor licenese. Just a thought. If it's possible I'll get you in touch with them.

Pura Nica, Bobby

wrong move

Why in the world would anyone in the right mind would apply for an S.A for a pulperia?

A pulperia falls under a Licensia Mercantil,no need for an S.A to operate a pulperia.

S.A should be used for larger scale operations,having at least 10 employees or more.

Selling an S.A.

Yes you can sell your S.A.

The liquor license and municipal operating licenses are subject to the respective governing agencies and may be transferable or not. I imagine if you would keep the business in the same location as the previous owners of the S.A. you would not have any problems. The liquor license may be a different story. Certainly worth a try.

In Jinotega

The 2 lawyers I have talked to want $1000.00 USD to do all the paper work with La Renta and the Alcadia. I hope you are able to find a better price. I know when I incorporated in the state of Colorado It only cost $175.00 total. I have no idea why it costs so much more here.


I can tell you I found one for $ 600 and he will do all the work.He also told me that once I get my paperwork for that, then I can apply for my temporary residence...Should I believe him I ask myself!

temp residency.

Why not invest 35.000 in your S.A and apply for a investor visa. The process is simple and you can actually do it yourself.

You will be inspected and you have to show proof of the money being used, is used in your S.A. The investor visa is 5 years. Roger.

Well it is a better price.

My first question would be can you get me in touch with other north Americans that you have helped. Then check out his references. If your are the first be very wary. You could also post a question on here to see if anyone else has delt with this lawyer. Good Luck.

The fee should not exceed $350.-- US

If it does you are over paying.


depends dijo Pepito!!

On how fast you want your S.A.

normally it takes about 1-2 months,and yes,if you chose that route it should NOT exceed $350.This would be phil's way,since he does not like to give coimas,to speed things a little bit.

However... if you want your S.A done in as little as 7 days,like I did,it will cost you more,I paid $650 for ours in Esteli,and were ready to operate in 8 days

Coimas/mordidas are an every day practice in ALL forms of government in Nicaragua,so why fight the system?