"Gatito" in Nica slang

I did a favour for a woman friend and she sent me a thank-you note that ended with "Gracias gatito."

I have not yet encountered 'gatito' in Nicaraguan slang. In this context, what is the nuance associated with 'gatito'? Is it merely an affectionate way of saying 'friend', is there a flirtatious element to it, and / or is there some other meaning?

Also, another friend ended a note by saying "no te pierdas", which of course means "don't lose yourself" in literal translation. What does it mean colloquially? "Don't lose touch"?

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gatito means

Colored Eyes,i:e Blue eyes,hazel etc, and yes No te pierdas, means Stay in touch,or don't loose touch. Now you owe me 2 beers or 3? at vuela vuela :-) lol.

Colored Eyes

So when she says I have colored eyes is she merely stating the obvious (I have hazel eyes) or is there is some nuance to it?

Answer this question and I'll split the shoulders off a bottle of flor de cana with you at vuela vuela the next time I am in Esteli.


by her calling you Gatito she's complimenting you. She definitely likes your eyes :-).


If what you're saying turns out to be true I am going to be buying us some champagne!

I’d say so..

Yes there is a surely a flirtatious connotation when she calls you gatito. I’d say you make a move, bro. It seems that you like her too and things are moving in the right direction..

What impresses me

is the fact that Mike is writing his friends in Spanish. Mike, if and when you ever move here, you'll fit in well my friend!


That's awfully kind of you to say Jon. I spent four months in Nicaragua on my first trip and have been able to acquire barely enough Spanish to write some simple e-mails and spend an evening talking to Nicaraguan friends about pretty basic stuff. Still can't express anything abstract.

I'm returning at the end of March for at least one year so hope to make better progress then.

Glad to hear you are returning Mike!

We can use more folks like you here!

No te pierdas!