Temporary Cell Phones ?

Anyone know if these are available ? The ones with limited time , no contract etc? Cost ? I have been advised to use cell phone to call for transportation (gee and I thought I'd have to build signal fires..heh heh). Willow

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Toyota aka Dollar rent a car provides a free phone with their rentals, not sure if the other companies do that as well. Not sure if this applies, just thought to mention it as they dont always tell you its an option.


Disposo phones

I just bought a couple of Enitel phones to use in Esteli for U$29 each. I had to go to five stores to find one that had two in stock. They worked great most of the time (can you hear me now?). The thing I wanted to add was, when (or if) you leave Nicaragua, bless someone there with the phone. Just ask them to hold on to it for you until you run home and get the rest of you things.

Anyone know of land north of Esteli for sale? LaSerena

Cell Phone Info.

Willow - Get "Enitel". Do not get "Movilstar" which was formerly "BellSouth" and not "Alo". The "Enitel" telephones are available everywhere and cost upwards from about U$25 and half the time a U$5 calling card is included in that low price. The prepaid cards for "Enitel" are available everywhere. The "Enitel" telephones work in all of Nicaragua including the Atlantic Coast and Corn Island. The coverage is great.

The charges are about U$.30/minute and probably will be coming down. Calls to the USA (America) are U$1/minute. The prepaid cards are available in U$1, U$3, U$6, U$12, and U$20. Each prepaid amount has different valid days of usage such as the U$20 card is good for 75 days and the U$6 for 15 days. This validity is no problem because when you buy a next card and enter the new card; the old lost time is credited back to your telephone.

You must have a cell phone in Nicaragua and get "Enitel". ___________________________________________________________________

cell phone

Will Enitel cell phones work in Apostontillo on the Pacific coast?


Thank you ! All this good info is certainly making this trip alot easier ! Am having a gal from Guatamala help me write out many things (phrases to read etc)Contingency plans...and even a local bank officer here in my bank who speaks Spanish (from Central America). I am thinking of extending my trip to three weeks. Life is good. Willow

Well - When You Get in Nicaragua

You might want to extend the 3 weeks to forever...........

Don't worry about Spanish -- Somebody is always around that talks English.

As for me, I no longer speak English, Spanish, Miskito, Creole, or Babble -- But, I get around. ___________________________________________________________________


This is the first expedition to Nicaragua! Hopefully to actually purchase the manifestation of a dream. If it is 1/2 of what it looks/described like...I won't be disappointed. Intend to learn Spanish and forget English (well not quite)Been researching/looking for at least 6 years to relocate. The quest became more from my heart than head in past year. Gotta do what ya gotta do :) You no speak mo ? Smile...nod..wink...and wiggle (well guys can swagger). Willow