Boating Anyone?

Boating Anyone?

This nice vessel was in SJdS for a few days in November when I was down, not sure whether to take a swim in the pool, get a massage or sightseeing in the copter? The paper said it belonged to Carlos Slim and he had DOS out for dinner one night, although I hear DOS prefers to ride quads on the beach near the Government House in Pochomil

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Roberto Rivas Reputedly

has a bid on it.

It may be parked permanently in SjdS.

I figured it was Aleman`s ride...

...after buying the getting out of jail card and the hits keep on coming .....The RAAN

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Is that

Is that your boat RICK?

No, all I could do was look

We figured it was a rock star, drug dealer, or rich guy, and it turned out to be a rich guy, Carlos Slim, who is supposed to be the richest person en todo el mundo. Based on the post from TacomaSteve, he might have just been renting it.

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hot tub

i liked the hot tub the best. nice and warm with a pretty view. ortega's not much of a poker player, doesn't know how to bluff. but man, aleman is good. then the rubber boat took me right to my house. fun times!

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that boat looked familiar!

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