Small point of use hot water heaters

Thought I had a good thing. Titan from SINSA. Inexpensive small and seemed to work. Problem is a solvent smell that did not go away after a week of heavy flushing, including a detergent rinse. They took them back without blinking an eye. On the return bench were 5-6 of them.

Cannot find another brand anyplace in MGA. Need electric. Any ideas in MGA or another town.

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what was the heating mechanism?

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and some of those solvents can be really bad even when applied to skin (in hot water especially) which is why it concerned me. Not to mention it just smaeeled bad.

Found a bunch on line that are better by miles and some less expensive. Having someone bring a couple in tomorrow. They are small 10x12x3 inches and weigh 10 lbs.


Stinky Titan

My Titan has stunk for 4 months. Where'd you get the replacement, what brand and how much did it cost? Thanks.


I have two different brands on order from the US. One is Stiebel Eltron and the other is Eemax. I haven't seen either yet and I have not been thrilled with either vendor I worked with so, stand by for a more detailed report.

Price-wise the Eemax was about $225, the Stiebel Eltron about $150.


on the first one, as far as I can tell. Know nothing about the second. Price is right on first...second one seems low, but if a small unit might be OK. Bottom lin is there are a lot of good units and all light years ahead of the CR made Titan.ZT

A bit more

The Eemax has an element that can be replaced. That's a big plus but it uses compression fittings. (They are designed to add hot water to a sink.) The other uses 1/2" NPT which is a plus for what we are doing but it is a "element dead--throw it away" unit.

Bad stuff

coming out.. You really do not want to wash in it, let alone drink. Sinsa takes them back w/o question.

We could not find any ther brand here....checked 5 stores. Titan Costa Rica has them all tied.

There are a lot of heater of this type in the States, stores and online. I Bought a neat little one in Miami...and brought it in. Seven lbs and smaller than a phone book so no problem. Same price. Made in MIA and also called Titan...but different company.

Not sure you can locate different brand here so you'll have to bring them in. Do it if you can. No kids in shower till then.