Waiting for the bus, Managua the 80's

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Carretera a Masaya

This picture brings back a lot of memories, correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's how carretera a masaya looked back in the 80's, a two lane semi-rural highway nothing to do with how it looks today. I can appreciate in the back ground people who already gave up on the no show up bus, back in those days everything was scarce and public transportation wasn't the exception waiting for those buses was like waiting for Godot.

These are great pics

thanks for sharing. What happened? took the old shoebox from under the bed? How many pictures of soldiers do you see with mum holding her brat? waiting for a bus. Peace be to you this christmas Alra. thanks again.

1980s on the ground

It's a great photo for exactly that reason. That is, it shows reality in Managua in the 1980s. It reminded me of this book of photos from the 1980s.

While a lot of people have their 1980s Nicaragua horror stories, this photo and that book are reminders to me that there is another side and I don't mean just the typical political argument. The "side" that interests me most is what would have really happened in Nicaragua in the 1980s if Nicaraguans, living in Nicaragua, could have determined the destiny of the country rather than outside influences deciding they knew what was best.

¿Qué Pasó?

I just bought a $30.00 USD scanner and i am testing it.

Gracias y Felices Fiestas Navideñas, D.B.


Great Photos Alra

Thanks and please post more of your "test results" :-).

I love photos that let us view history.