Septic Tanks

On the tank list is a 1500 gallon septic tank. These (and larger) are readibly available in the U.S. but the only thing we have found is a round one that is more in the shape of the plastic water tanks. We really need something that is in a more "traditional" shape—that is, rectangular and longer than the height.

Our permiso with MARENA includes the fact that our septic system (which includes gray water separation and a bio-filter) will have a plastic rather than concrete tank. This is because of a whole host of requirements to ensure the concrete tank won't leak.

Anyone seen such animals anywhere?

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They dig a hole, pour a slab, and block up a tank, and then backfill against it, in Mexico. Whatever you do, do not let ANYTHING sit empty when it is as all wet. I have seen it float up huge tanks here in the rainy season. Really busts things up.



do you have an internet site to learn about septic tanks and greywater holding tanks for irrigation?

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i will ask my niebour

hes the contractor that did the installation and bought it. he is in managua now ,be back friday. if you want his number i will pass it on for you...just ask


the coffin shaped type of can get those in managua. we just installed one on my friends property.


Could you point to a place that has them? Gixia called around but only found the round ones. Thanks.

tanks in series

The septic tanks I’ve seen are basically two concrete tanks separated by baffles, which tend to give out after a few years. Why couldn't you string a few smaller and taller tanks together. The outflow would be more solid free at the last tank before the leach field. Connecting them together near the top to leave room for the sinkers. A winegrower friend of mine uses this system for refining the grease he collects at restaurants to power his tractors. His tanks are in a solar heated shed to speed the process. Ah, the possibilities with gray water and methane...