Internet tower - cost, etc

Internet tower - cost, etc

Hi. I hope this will help somebody out there with questions about internet.

The picture is of my 90' tower that I bought 3 years ago or so. It was quite simple, I used a friends cedula, he had some connections and the tower was up in 3 days at a cost of $ 485.00 ( I think ). The engineer was like a fly on Enitel and 10 days later I had the dish mounted, and it worked, no deposit or anything. My speed is 512 and I pay C$ 1.644 per month, it's never or very seldom down.

My understanding is that it is somewhat different now, your application is long and cumbersome, don't be surprised if they ask for your grand mothers shoe size. Enitel has it's own website where you can check your speed, just complain and they turn the dial down in Managua and it works.

I have also a farm where there is no internet, so I signed up for another service where I use my cell ( GPRS/EDGE ) to connect to internet, the speed there is 115.000 KPS, nothing to write home about, but it works. Very soon, all of Nicaragua will be 3G, it is in Managua and it flows out from there, then you can connect via your cell at 1.5MPS, that will be super good. It always help to have somebody that know somebody, in my case it was the guy who put up the tower, he really did the footwork for me. Good luck.

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Thank you Roger

For a very useful and informative post.

Thats why we are here


Most people I meet here is willing to share with info and give a helping hand. I have asked many members here and elsewhere, and very seldom is there a negative response, so in all, it's kind of better here.

I like to repeat that it is VERY helpful to know somebody that know somebody, that is after all how it works here. Best from Roger.

More info please

Could you post more on the process? I understand that it was some time ago, but things like were you got the tower, did you pay for transport of it, how much space is needed (because of the wires needed to stabilize it) etc…

And yes, it pays to know someone.

just for you.......LOL

I went out with a flash light to look at the tower. It's a total of 9 steel wires running from the tower, they all end up in kind of a triangle approximately 10 meters or so away from the tower. The 3 wires go down to a " strekk fish " which is the Norwegian word for it, can't remember the English one right now. But it's just a thing to tighten up the wire and keep it straight. The guy I used is a good guy, his phone is : Misael Rodrigues at Cell : 880 4085 - I very seldom recommend anybody, but I do in this case, all based on personal experience. It might be other solutions, but this has been working for me for a long time. Well, back to the process, find out if inalambrico service is available in your area from Enitel, then you just choose who is going to be your contractor for the job, as long as this person is approved by Enitel it's all ok. Best from Roger.


Thanks Roger, I would imagine that the base is a poured cement slab with preset foundation bolts as well. How big is the foundation? I think I know what you mean by strekk fish, we call it a “do hicky” to tighten wires. (OK I do not know the name in English either) Again thanks for the info and sorry to make you go out at night, beware of the bugs!

It's called a turn-buckle.

It's called a turn-buckle.

I think

In the WWF it is called this but I am sure it is called something else – like a do hicky or something. Lol Marnica. Thanks !

The base

It's small.

Like 20x20 inch x 25 inch deep, not a big monster at all. Easy job for anybody.

The bugs did not get me, I am to quick for them. Good luck, and if I can help, I am just a PM away. Roger.

WOW that is small

We use 24X24X18 footprint for bases on the pillars for house building, maybe we are using overkill but you do not want the thing to fall down around you in the night during a 4.5. lol

I know what you are saying

But if you think about it !!!! what is the weight of this tower ? the 10' sections can not be over 100LB and ten of them make a thousand pounds, it's really not in the base where the problem is, it's on " the top " if the top align with the bottom and are supported with the strength of the bottom, all is OK. You could take this sentence and apply it to politics and the result would be the same ....LOL


too bad you were not..

born in the US, I would vote for you for president;

"if the top align with the bottom and are supported with the strength of the bottom, all is OK" .

a very fine thought

-Doug ©

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