introduction to webtrainer UPDATED JAN 2006

Greetings fellow Nicaragua Living bloggers!

I've been enjoying reading the posts here and on the Yahoo! groups site (thanks for getting the groups started Phil and Bobby!).

I lived in coastal Orange County California and have visited Nica once (on edit, now four times!) (Feb. '03, June '04, Nov. '04, Jan '05). The June '04 trip was great, three couples went and we had a great time, with some "adventures" to share with the folks back home.

I pretty much agree with the issues that Melissa and some others have had as far as my motivation for looking into Nicaragua.

Having grown up in southern California, I've seen the changes in the environment here, mostly with the incredible amount of people who live in the area now.

So my long-term plan is to retire in Nica, but I've got twenty years to go before any SSN kicks in, and per recent news, I can't expect to get anything, or so the powers that be prefer us to believe.

Short-term, I'm setting up my IRA as a self-directed IRA so that I can buy real estate (in Nica) as a retirement investment.

Mid-term, in terms of actually moving there, even for a few months, is not yet feasible.

My now ex-bride of 16 years will was with me June '04, along with some friends, and I'm keen on "selling" Nicaragua to her as a possible destination. Note: That didn't work out :-) That's my big hurdle for the short term. Yep!Ties to family back home are strong and important to her, while I'm more open to adventure in general. Guess we know how that ended up.

Since then: I got divorced (for many other reasons IN ADDITION to lack of love for Nicaragua), met a wonderful girl, moved here in June 2005, and got married 14/01/2006.

So, that's my intro. Thanks everybody for sharing your experiences and knowledge here, I very much appreciate it.


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Post-trip update

Greetings All: I returned last week from 11 days in Nicaragua, brought my bride and two other couples. We rented a house at the beach for one week, then spent the weekend in Granada. Great trip, great weather, and met really nice people. I have some comments regarding Granada that I'll post in another topic.


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