I just got my Banca@Net login and went to use it. As would be expected, it asks for your userid and password. But, it then asks for you to enter what you see in the box. A typical capcha.

Well, I tried this will all my web browsers and here are the results.

  • Opera — The box is never displayed but there is a "missing image" box.
  • FireFox 3.0 — The image was displayed, I entered the letters and got a login message again.
  • Konqueror — The message is displayed but no image.

I did just run the W3C validator on the page and got 84 errors so there is no good reason it should work in any browser. Some are just errors that should cause the page to be ugly but some are serious JavaScript errors.

If they count these three tries as "login or password incorred" I am already at the "go back to the bank" level. So, basically I am looking for a success story from anyone using any of these browsers.

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you could have

avoided ALL the hassles,from online banking to international wire transfers, by banking with BANPRO the are by far the best and preffered by most businesses and institutions followed by BAC,but like always,you hardly ever take advices,I guess you like to learn the hardway :-) eventhou you are "on the ground" :-).



We have business accounts in BANPRO. I have talked about them, including the problems, here. I agree they are a good bank but they currently have the following problems at least here in Estelí.

  • Since they replaced their manager with one that is not a lawyer, lots of things "can't be done" without getting "their lawyer" involved. We previously talked about this and your bad experience with him.
  • They continue to be understaffed in their bank services. Their new procedure is that you have to sign a book and explain what you want before you wait for ages for service.
  • Locally, they don't understand how to set up on-line access. I finally got it done right because there was a BANPRO person from Managua talking to the head of the bank services who heard a dumb question get asked and came over to help and to explain how to do things correctly.
  • The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. We, for example, requested a credit card using the on-line form. It never showed up. When Gixia asked in the bank they told us you couldn't request one on-line.
  • About every third time Gixia goes to withdraw money they tell her she can't do it. They are wrong but the fact that they seem to think this and she has to deal with it is a pain.

Now, this is all related to the Estelí office and much of it is recent—that is, things used to work. I have dealt with BANPRO in Managua and never had a problem.


Gixia,needs to be a bit more aggressive. We as a business use them for payroll purposes as well,When getting our payroll transfers,we don't even make line,our payroll girl,goes upstairs(Servicios Bancarios/Preffered services) she comes out with the Exact amount of exchanged money,granted this procedures gets done,1 day prior to pay roll via phone,with the accounts supervisor,I believe her name is Sandra


Do not discourage this

At least it is just straight whining and not lashing out or making negatve (and often unrelated) comparisons/comments about US banks, the CIA, EXXON, usanos, the USA medical system and....... well you get it.

It is sad. good brains in an empty head.



Could you explain where I whined? I thought I asked a question about how to get something specific done in Nicaragua.

Now, I could have said "most US banks have managed to get beyond bad Microsoft-based web servers and create pages what work with international browsers such as Opera but apparently either the CIA or other usanos managed to set up a sucky web site". I probably could work EXXON and the lack of a USA medical system in there but it seemed unnecessary.

Firefox is the way forward

Hi Fyl,

Bancentro online banking works fine with firefox - the issue with returning to the login screen is probably because they havent activated the account yet - this takes them some time after they give you the password.

with my account, the browser returned to the login screen for about 24 hours. since then it has worked perfectly.

cheers alex