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Amigos de la Policía

San Juan del Sur


As a group of concerned residents and investors, we agree that crime is one of the most critical issues facing our community. Our mission will be to analyze what others have done in similar situations and develop a plan for our region that can become a model for other communities in Nicaragua. By dedicating our time, energy and resources Amigos de la Policía SJdS will work with local and national police toward a community funded police force and awareness campaign to help address this critical issue.


To work in partnership with local police to reduce crime and create safer communities. 1. Work collectively with government and non-government agencies to develop solutions that achieve real and measurable outcomes. 2. Promote the accurate identification of local crime problems and community safety priorities. 3. Support evidence based crime reduction activity. 4. Promote education and outreach with the local community, communication and transparency with the local police.

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Increase of crime in San Juan del Sur Petty crime has been on the rise for sometime in our community. Recently, assailants are arming themselves with knives, machetes, hoods, and even guns. Criminals are getting better at what they do. Supporting police statistics for the first quarter of 2008: Target on tourists The majority of the assaults are targeted at tourists. There are several probable reasons including, but not limited to: lack of familiarity of dangerous areas, lack of familiarity of suspected criminals and lack of knowledge of Nicaraguan legal process and/or inability to follow through with prosecution. Local residents and business targeted Home invasions, road blockages and theft in businesses are all on the rise primarily due to lack of police presence. Lack of resources for police Local police are underpaid and under resourced. One non-working vehicle, no petty cash for gasoline and lack of communication due to topography in the region all contribute to their inability to react as quickly as they would like. Nicaraguan legal process A large frustration for our community is the inability to properly expedite the crime through the legal process in Nicaragua. We need a full time “Fiscal” and legal team based in San Juan del Sur to help insure conviction for criminals that are caught and/or known. Amigos de la Policías plan allows for proper, sustainable funding to assist police in these critical areas.

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Phase I

Phase I has been fully funded by a group of concerned developers and investors. Fund Police presence A plan was developed by a group of concerned citizens to fund additional police in and around San Juan. These “teams” will be broken into regions: Majagual/Maderas/North Bay/Talengera Remanso/Las Delicias/Escamequita/Yankee/Escameca/Coco Each team will have a base radio that can connect from Ostional to San Juan HQ. Each team will have a motorcycle and gas. There will be one truck in San Juan del Sur to pick up the incarcerated. Our goal is to provide resources to these units, not just the money. Operative Strategy  Additional police unit presence with necessary resources (Each unit will consist of 1 professional officer and 1 voluntary police, allowing them to carry arms and make arrests)  Developments and private residences will provide accommodations and meals to police personnel in their assigned areas.  Working police truck operating out of the San Juan police station available to serve as back up for motorcycle patrol units, pick up suspects, and general patrols.  A radio network providing communication between all units and the police station will be created. The radios will also provide communication to the Police substation operating in Ostional, allowing them to serve as back up to the southern unit. Inauguration An inauguration in the park is planned to display new motorcycles, a truck, radios, and police with uniforms to inform the community and begin awareness. . Scheduled for Friday, June 13 in the central park.

Phase II

Gas supply AdP will only make gas available to authorized police vehicles (not private cars or gas cans). Period odometer checks to gas consumption will be made by our auditing group. Advocate for tourists Tourists are often the targets because they are unfamiliar with problem areas and, in many cases, are lured into a false sense of security by the overall warmth of the Nicaraguan people. In addition, tourists rarely can spend the extended and necessary time to insure prosecution or filing a “denuncio” in a confusing system. Our plan is to develop a Tourist Advocate group that can assure presence through the prosecution process.

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Legal council To allow for the greatest chance of prosecution, we will hire a full time team of attorney’s for our cause. The goal is to insure that all paper work is processed in a timely manner and, ideally, a “performance” bonus will be paid for each successful prosecution. Fiscal A fiscal or District Attorney is needed full time in San Juan. The goal of The Amigos de la Policía is to have a full time fiscal available to victims and the community. We need to identify individual(s) and budget property for their space and salary. Environmental Design We will work with developers and businesses to reduce opportunities for crime to occur. Some of these include: a. Natural Surveillance b. Natural Access Control c. Territorial reinforcement d. Maintenance and Management

Phase III

Coordination of public and private security forces We will work to coordinate private security forces with those of the police to insure better coverage and information sharing. Community watch Work with proven crime deterrent measures from other communities both locally and internationally that will aid in maintaining security for all. Some of these best practices will include: a. Self-Defense b. Laws and rights c. Develop trust and relationships with citizens through the community liaison. Community Outreach Comunidad Connect will work in partnership with Amigos de la Policía to create preventive strategies to decrease neighborhood crime through social development. By investing in the community and youth through social and educational measures, we can diminish the considerable damage and cost of crime. Thanks to its already established relationship with the local community, CC is well-positioned to assist and create programmatic efforts in the following areas: Youth Activities Youth who participate in recreational and sports activities are more likely to do well in school, develop skills to resist peer pressure, and to have high self-esteem and good social skills. These personal qualities are, in turn, associated with a lower likelihood of involvement in criminal activity. CC will work with the police and others to establish prevention projects that target at-risk youth.

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Escuela-Policía Partnership With guidance from the Arlington, TX police and in cooperation with MINED, Comunidad Connect will create opportunities for the local police to visit San Juan del Sur schools to teach school children about personal safety and security. These activities will be in addition to ongoing training of local police officers. Reporting Comunidad Connect will work in conjunction with the local police department and the Alcaldía to collect baseline data on crime in SJdS, as well as to track progress once the AdP implements the initiative. CC will also solicit feedback from the community on their perceived progress of the initiative via meetings, focus groups, and email correspondence.


The goal of The Amigos de la Policía is to involve all levels of our community. We seek participation from those who are committed to making San Juan the safest region in the country and are committed to a long term funding solution. Investors/developers Both individual and high profile. A list has been assembled and copies of the final plan will be distributed to solicit comments and donations. Business people Restaurants, bars, alcohol distributors etc. as well as those in the area who are benefiting from the increased investment (construction, well diggers, topographers, etc.) Dinner for donors A benefit dinner to solicit new donors at Pelican Eyes in mid-July. Suggested donor Levels Platinum < $5,000 Gold < $2,000 Silver < $1,000 Bronze <$500 Concerned citizen <$500 Fiduciary responsibility a) Funds proportioned as directed in budget. b) Any unbudgeted expenses require sign off from group, police and Alcaldía’s office c) Holding account established at BDF by independent third party