Reasonable Hotels in Managua, Granada and San Juan del Sur

We are making our first trip to Nicaragua in July and would love to have recommendations for hotels in Managua, Granada and San Juan Del Sur. Price up to $50.00/night with hot water and AC and bathroom. Thanks!

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La Dolce Vita in SJDS

Does anyone have contact info for La Dolce Vita in SJDS?


Dolce Vita Hotel in SJDS

Charges $30 for one, $40 for two, they have six rooms and a very nice Italian restaurant. Dan Polley

Hotel El Puerto in SJDS

Price $25 per night for 2 persons for a room with a fan only.

Price $35 per night for 2 persons for a room with a AC.

All rooms have private bathrooms.




We have referred a lot of our customers there and never had anyone complain about the rooms.

Run by a Nicaraguan and his German wife.

As for food, there are a lot of reasonably priced Restaurants run by professionals.

I would recommend:

El Colibri, a very nice Mediterranean style restaurant. They serve first class food and offer first class service at reasonable prices. Located just behind the church.

The Bamboo Beach Restaurant and Bar They offer a unique menu. The presentation and decor are worth the visit and the food quality is good. Located on the beach road. Enjoy your drinks on the beach and the sunset while having a romantic dinner.

Henry’s Iguana Bar, Great place to have lunch or dinner. At night “The Iguana” as it is affectionately called by the locals, turns into the most popular bar in town. Located on the beach road.

Big Wave Dave’s, Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. North American type food with a local twist. Large menu and large portions. Some nights offers live music. Located 1/2 block off the beach road. (Just look for the surf boards outside.)

San Juan Del Sur Pizza, Authentic Italian Pizza, Pasta, Fish dishes and the owner will cook special requested dishes. Run by Maurizio, a professional Italian Chef. He makes outstanding Risotto. My favorite is Risotto Negro, a black rice dish made from squid. While this is not a fancy restaurant, it makes up for the lack of tablecloths and sophistication by serving the best Italian food outside of Italy and its friendly atmosphere. (Just celebrated 6 yrs in business in SJDS.) A MUST visit place. Located 1/4 block from the church.

If you are looking to pay North American prices by all means try:

Pelican Eyes, the best known resort in SJDS. Good food, full menu and a great bar, outstanding service. The views are spectacular. Located on the hill overlooking SJDS.

El Poso, known for its steaks. This is a small restaurant and can be noisy at times. If you are looking for a quiet dinner this may not be the place. Located near the market.

La Dolce Vita, newly opened. I have not been there but comments are that the prices are higher than the food quality.

Hotels in SJDS

Thanks very much for all the great suggestions!

Hotels in Rivas?

Can anyone recommend hotels in Rivas? (up to $50.00/night, AC, hot water, and private bathroom.)


Kings Palace in Managua

Is very nice, pool, breakfast, a/c, internet, close to everything and about $50 a night.

In Granada it's the Alhambra, on Parque Central. Very nice place.

San Juan del Sur, it's either cheap and ugly or expensive and very nice.

Kings Palace and Alhambra

Thank you for your hotel recommendations!

Contact Info

Do you have contact info for Kings Palace in Managua?



KP Hotel

The Kings Palace Hotel in Managua, Nicaragua situated Carret A Masaya Km 5, Mga can be contacted by phone +5052 2774548 or fax +5052 2782456.

In Granada

I still like the Hotel Cocibolca,good central location, newer construction with AC, cable tv, and a pool. Should be around $35..I think they have a web site. There are precious few tourists in town so far this summer and I believe you can haggle over empty rooms at any hotel in town...For a little more money check out Bohemian Paradise...

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