what are the laws and customer associated with meeting women?

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Pick a different country

The women are nothing to write home about...

para gustos los colores

Hey The hammer, your honesty about the opinion you have of nica women is appreciated. At least you are open about it; some ppl feel the way you do about us but don't have the courage to express it; you can only see it in their eyes. I prefer your type than the hypocrits. I do notice a contradiction about the description of yourself. definition of phi·lan·thro·py: Love of humankind in general. There is nothink loving about the opinion of your fellow nicaraguan women. I would not label myself a phylantropist if I was you; but again you are young. The superiority you notice in women from other countries is an illusion; as you one day might have to learn with age beauty fades.


So what are you doing in Nicaragua anyway?

who me?

#1 - Watching the zinc rust.

#2 - Teaching "Babble".

#3 - Trying to understand "Babble".

#4 - Trying to listen to "LFJW" and his wild ideas.

#5 - Trying not to listen Mr. Steve nor his wild ideas.

#6 - Trying to get my wife to give me money to look a girlfriend.

Miskito Alan &#174

Name change

M.A., as an administrator, do you have the means to change someones screen name. If so, I think "Imanidiot" would be perfect.

Name Change

Did you want me to change your name to that?


I have been called it a few times, I'd rather if not be my new name.

I'm not bashing anyone down there, I haven't been there yet so I of course don't have that right.


I think it is sad how poor Nicaragua is. And that some tourists in fact do come for sexual tourism. Since economic situations are desperate, young girls and boys do anything for money. Nicaraguans, Ticos, etc... are people too.

Pedophiles on your Mind.

I will tell you Papa that Nicaragua is clamping down on "pedophiles" and they have no place here. You can go to "Gringo Tica" for that kind of thing -- Please don't come to Nicaragua.

Don't try to promote that "sexual tourism" here because you are out of line.

Observer without Clout

Been here a few days...already seen some not so nice scenes. It´s all economics. Would I make a difference intervening ?.Hey gringo pervert....NO...not unless I could continue supporting the victim. Yuck. Oops...already getting political. I´ve seen the websites....looking for is pathetic. They don´t work...then they come looking. Although my Spanish is tears and a nice waiter...he confirmed my observations. I saw this and was helpless. WE are so into terrorists...HA....How about stopping perverts ? They have to now register in US...but what about international travel ? Willow

Honest relationships

When I first went to Nicaragua it was in the guise of helping the Nicaraguan people but in truth it was to escape a sour relationship. I was not looking to find a woman and in fact they paid little attention to me beyond the novelty. I did my share of partying (drinking) and met many men who shared this pursuit but few women. By accident, as much as anything else, I met the woman I married at the Alcaldia where I was working. We have been married for seventeen years and have three fine children. I am 30 years her senior. While her family, especially her father, did not approve at the time we are now close and respectful. This may very well be the exception as good health and two small but successful businesses have graced our union. Her work ethic and honesty are what have allowed our lives to grow and entwine. As far as I can determine Nicaraguan women in general share these qualities. "Chica" is more to be found in the eye of the beholder

Don't listen to these people !!!

Ignore those posts-they are insolent and rude. Laws? Not really unless you are planning to something illegal-of which your on your own. Customs are that Nicaraguan woman regardless of income level have a self respect un-alike North American woman. Open the door for her, pull her seat out when she goes to sit down, get up if she gets up. Rememeber just to simply treat her with class or her brothers gonna kick your ass lol (just kidding) Don't try to push overt sexual innuendos on your first few dates. If she still lives at home with her parents (which most people would lay their money on) take a small gift a token to her mother and show her family the utmost of respect. I find that all Nica's respect their family above all else. Be careful not to mention anything negative or comical about her family, the have a wonderful sence of humour but not about their family. Have a good time and keep your word...always.

nicely said

Very nice expression of cultural norms. I would only add, if abuela is living with the family, a little token gift for her goes a long ways too.

flowers are winners

its really nice if the guy gives the family flowers. grandma loves it. it showes you care for even the more extended parts of the family, not just mom and dad. and yeah, you pretty much hit it right on the head.

En Cristo, -Marissa

Piercedrichard, the sensitive

Piercedrichard, the sensitive some people have on this subject of chicas stems from the abundance of white north american men in their late 60, 70 and 80’s coming, especially to Granada to hitch up with young nicaraguan girls (for lack of a better word). The girls seem happy but what can a man of three times their age have to offer or for that fact what could they have in common.

the sensitive


thanks for explaining the situation to me. I didnt realize the problem was so large. This type of thing happens here as well, but I guess not to the extent it happens in Granada. Everyone can rest easy, I am not in this situation. I am just 37 currently and I am looking for an equal not somone I need to babysit.

Same age...

your the same age I am. I married a nicaraguan 7 years ago, this september. You do not end up Baby sitting, they maybe have lower educational, financial backgrounds,but, at least my experience has been, they your equal in every way...In fact she taught me, the smart educated Canadian, a thing or two aboutlife. Everyone back home in Canada thought that I would be the "sugar daddy".. but this is not true, at least not in my case. But then again Sulema is from Bluefields, and not a spoiled "Gringo" city girl!

If you are talking about pros

If you are talking about prostitutes, I suggest going to sjds and asking one of the ugly old men who cannot get laid in the states about meeting women.

Unfortunately, there appear to be a number of foreigners who come to nicaragua for sex vacations. I just feel it is sad to take advantage of people during difficult times.

sex vacations

did I mention anything about a "sex vacation"? I hope jumping to conclusions is not somthing I will aquire after I settle in.

Can't you get any ?

Cant you get any sex where you are at at this moment I assume you are not in Nicaragua? Any men can get sex any where there is not need to go to Nicaragua for that but that is your personal deal not my, in my opinion honestly, I like the tropic, tropical wheather, the advantage of the tropic and all the benefits that that brings, but I can get a bj anytime anywhere, not just in Nicaragua.

Esteli -- I'm Amazed.

Your posts never cease to amaze me. You always directly address the issue without any undue hesitation on your part. Your posts go directly to the "bottom" line without any lengthy and unnecessary prose. Clarity is standard. Thank you.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. Hans Hofmann


Hey ... why beat around the bush ... oh wait .. I said bush, will that just stir up more problems with this thread? I guess if its Bush or bush or burning bush, will determine who the hate mail comes from...

Gaston says

At his meat market in town,

NO one can beat my meat, nowhere !

Check it out


I simply asked about the customes and laws in Nicaragua. how did this get so twisted? I DID NOT mention a SEX vacation. I happen to be relocating to Nicaragua soon, and I do NOT want to offend anyone or cause any undue difficulties. Why does it seem everyone is so paranoid about this subject? I would think this is a subject that could be handled without recieving emotion filled outbursts. If I wanted a Chica for sex, it would be a whole lot cheaper to find a local woman then to move to Nicaragua for sex. People think a little before posting irrational responses

How about "La suegra" ?

I seen you guys focusing heavealy and pining hard on las chicas, but I'll tell you something to think about, of if I say "la suegra" or the "mother in law" what comes to your mind?

Culture, odds, ...

The culture will be very different than in the U.S.--particularly outside Managua. You will see much more ties to a family. Three generations living in the same house is not uncommon. There is a lot on this web site that at least gives you a feeling for that culture.

In fact, when the boyfriends of the 17 year old and 15 year old come over here the kids seem disappointed that I don't hang around. Things just tend to be much more inclusive here than I am used to (particularly with teenagers) than in the U.S.

As a rule, Nicaraguans seem much more friendly and open that is typical in the U.S. (and in Costa Rica). For me, even with bad Spanish skills, it has been easy to get to know people. That's a big plus.

One cultural thing that may seem negative is the labels that may be assigned to people. Calling a fat woman gorda, a Chinese man Chino or a dark-skinned person negro/a is not derogatory. It is just an accepted way to identify people. My friend Dora, for example, sometimes calls her darkest-skinned daughter Negra.

I don't know your age but, as you get older your odds get better. The U.S. government investments in getting Nicaraguans killed managed to kill a lot more men than women so in the over 40 age range, your odds are a lot better than in the U.S.

When I first moved to Costa Rica I noticed so many women of all ages that were just physically more fit that was typical in the U.S. And there wasn't a Gym on every corner. But, I figured it out. When you don't have a car you don't need you walk the kids to school, walk yourself to school, walk to the grocery store, ... And, you can't afford all the junk food. So, all in all, you will find a lot of attractive people in good physical shape here.

Hope this was an answer that matched your question. Good luck.

workout tips

I work out my arms by holding onto the bus handrails while the bus swurves in every direction

about the same as in Kissimmee?

It's kind of hard to tell what you're asking here . . . uhmm . . . un**age chicas are illegal of course . . . the rest depends on what sort of women you want to meet and for what purpose I suppose. The chicas are beautiful, smart, and super friendly, that's for certain, at least it was in my experience!

I found an online dating / friends site called that proved very useful in making contacts with the sort of woman I was trying to get to know - professionals like architects, lawyers, doctors - that sort of thing. Also, it led to several MSN-Instant Messenger chats that was great practice for my Spanish. Imagine having three or four woman chatting with you in a language you're not 100% fluent in! It was challenging and a lot of fun. That way worked really well for me.

If you're looking for something along the lines of "nightime recreation / entertainment" let's say, that is available as well . . . ask any taxi driver for details.


That chould have said CUSTOMS not CUSTOMERS - haha - I am sure there are a lot of customers though.

Maybe if you look for Senorita's not Chica you find a difference

The Nicaragua ladies are the finest culture of women I have met and I am not referring to the girls on the streets which are no different anywhere in the world. I am talking about the cultured family ladies who are the nicest to learn about the country from. Just look in the right places and be a gentlman and you might be surprised that you will be welcomed to a great country. But foremost treat all of the people here with respect and try to be giving not taking. That's what I hope to achieve in the years ahead. I here to stay, and maybe someday will meet the right Senorita not chica.