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Would anyone know the availability of birth control pills here in Nicaragua. More specifically the brand would be Alesse produced by Wyeth Pharm. I've emailed their Mexican division but have yet to receive a reply. We've search for this brand here in Granada but none of the pharmacies can help.

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Check with Patricia at the

Check with Patricia at the Cristo Rey pharmacy. It's a half block south of the Circus Cirucs casino on the same side of the street.



Name = Microgynon / Miranova (as used in Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Philippines, & Spain).

This link below sometimes fails, but it is an active site (try an hour later if it doesn't work), and is referenced on many other sites and info sheets:


P.S. If the link fails and you use some similar site or reference tool, and Nicaragua does not show up as a country on the chart or in the drop-down menu, it is often best to use Colombia and/or Mexico, since so many pharmaceuticals are made in these locales and/or come to Central America via these countries.

I cant speak for Nicaragua, but this BC can be found in neighboring Honduras. Bring the various names to the pharmacist and he/she should be able to assist. While they often have no knowledge of what "things" are called outside their own country (they don't have much reason to), they are usually pretty accurate about what can be found in their country, if you can give them the proper names from the C.A. region. It is not uncommon to have to visit several farmacies to find a particular item, since on-hand inventory is often small.