Has anyone been to PriceSmart in Managua??? I was there about a week and a half ago and felt like I was in the US. If you want a feeling of home (assuming home is in the US) go to PriceSmart. I even got Peanut Butter and Jelly and Doritos there. If you want to live like a true Nicaraguan, I know that is cheating, but try it out.

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Been there

I was there last year. We wanted peanut butter that did not taste like paper (or worse), pickles which tasted anything like a pickle should taste, 8 flavors of preserves, real mustard of more than one "type", zesty chips, good pasta sauce, cheese with some sort of flavor, and a lot, and lot, of other things. Yeah, it was just hell to have access to decently made food products - even if the "workers of the world" didnt get around to uniting, to later actually make the food stuffs.


Do they have Tabasco? Even if its only in the 55 Gallon Drum. Oh ... and Diet Coke, those are the only two things I ever think about. I can eat roadkill as long as I can put Tabasco on it and wash it down with some DC.


You found out the bad news about no Diet Coke.

But.....What about the 55 gallon drums of Tabasco. I can find the little bottles here in Puerto Cabezas; but, that size will only last one hamburger. ____________________________________________________________________

No Diet Coke

Sorry, no Diet Coke at pricesmart. I would prefer is Dr. Pepper anyway.

No Hot Sauce???

Can you find any hot sauce from Mexico?

"Sam's Club"

I went to "Sam's Club" (next to Hyper Wal-Mart on Hgy. 49/Gulfport) in Mississippi and that place was nice too.

I do want to check those "Doritos". I do eat those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; but, I have not tried the "Doritos w/PeanutButter & Jelly". Is that grape jelly that's used in the "Doritos"? I have tried "Doritos w/Jalapeno Picante" and those are quite tasty.

I did not know what the "Frito/Lay" people were making since that Kenneth Lay was convicted in that "Enron" trial. ____________________________________________________________________

All this is gringo stuff & economics

I'll stick to my "mercado"


Some one told me that you were seen shopping at this mercado of "Sam's Club".

Tell us the truth, please.

SAM'S CLUB 6686: 3280 S. 900 WEST SALT LAKE CITY , UT _________________________________________________________________

Esteli truthful?

Ok Miskito Allan that was me at that sam club at that addres, but I still love my "mercado"