One km from Jinotepe. It cost 90 cords (near U$5) per person (childrem over 3) to enter. No food or drinks allowed past gate (water OK). The lunch we purchased inside was poor (chicken dry, meat tough), extra for rice and very pricey (even before the 25% 'tax'). But the pool and waterslide (only one worked) were clean and lots of FUN.

The story of Sandinista Herty Lewites is one of Nicaragua's most interesting. Ask any Nica.

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I remember going to this

I remember going to this place when I was a little girl

Herylandia is located in Jinotepe Carazo and not Masaya

Just a brief note to reflect that Hertylandia is located in Jinotepe, Carazo and not in Masaya as reflected within photo text.

Rumor goes that Herty borrowed a MILLION U$ to build park during "Sandias" regime when he was INTUR director. He was such a good guy, he didn't have to pay back the loan.

Who Benefits

From the income of the place?

Who benefits from Hertylandia income?

Other than the immediate family of Herty's widow, not sure if anyone else does. Last I'd heard, Hertylandia had close to a U$30,000 debt for electricity & water.