Pharmacy Reference in Spanish

I tripped on what is like the Physician's Desktop Reference in English today but in Spanish. What I found was from Columbia but it seems to cover typical stuff here. Of particular interest is the ability to look up an ingredient and see what uses it.

Without further ado, see Diccionario de Especialades Farmaceuticas. Armed with decent Spanish knowledge or some translation software, you can do a bit of research on what is really in that stuff the pharmacist gave you and what it will do to you.

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Spanish version lacks password protection ?

The reference is to much (but certainly not all) of the data in the PDR. The source is the Spanish version of the PDR and other documents, all from the mega-house of Thomson Publishing. They handle the giant Westlaw dbases, and legal resources from around the world. They also have huge divisions for accounting, financial, scientific research, and of course medicine and health care. I suspect the registration and password protection systems are currently missing from that site in Colombia. While promo data is available free, the English-language version of these sources requires either a personal account, a library subscription with IP-tracking, a medical account via a clinical practice, hospital or research center, or a confirmed medical student account. Unless things have changed recently, for free one cannot see in English what one can apparently see for free in Spanish. I doubt Thomson wants it that way, but that is only a guess. They are not known for giving away pieces of their publishing empire. Anything is possible, but I would not be too surprised if one day account registration is required at the source page.

pharmacy questions

i am an american pharmacist, living in managua. if anyone needs advice or counsel about medication, pls feel free to emal me


Hello please help I use relpax for migraine ...Do you know where I can but this medication in managua??? Thanks finding these would really spare me a migraine headache..


I was in Costa Rica and stopped by a farmacia to get a few muscle relaxers. I asked for Soma/Carisoprodal but the pharmisist had not heard of it. I told him why I needed it .He said he did not have it and gave me Zopiclona Genfar When I looked it up in the spanish PDR it said: hipnotico no benzodiazepinico. Not so sure what that means and I didn't want to take it without finding out what it is. If you can help I would appreciate it.

By the way, I was in Nic last year on vacation. Had a blast! What in the world are you doing there besides working?


on the net gives good ¨mainstream¨info on US drugs, some of which are sold here. English/Spanish ¨pata de perro¨