U.S.A DirecTV in Nicaragua?

North American DirecTV Service in Nicaragua? Has anyone pooled it off? If So Please explain How!

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Direct TV LA does have

Direct TV LA does have discovery channel, HBO, cinemax, CNN, BBC, sports, pay per view and a whole bunch of other stuff, all in original English. You do not get the US networks, but all of the "big" hits are available on one or the other "generic" channels - sony and universal for example. There is no need to try and finagle a satellite feed from the US. Otherwise, there is cable available that does carry the US network.

I would like to know the answer as well

I agree. The translated programing is horrible. I would like to know the answer to this question as well.

Do you just point the dish in the right direction and that is it?

My guess is that you would need some person that understand DirectTV, but it should work as long as you know where to point...I'm just guessing here...

I want to keep paying here in the States, pretend that I still have DirectTV at home, and watch in Managua. Besides you won't get your local US channels in DirectTV Nicaragua.


There is a good chance you could get at least some of the programming. It really depends on what satellite it is available on. Then you get a big dish, have a friend in the US pretend it is at his house so you can sign up and then you get ok reception unless there is a lot of rain.

In other words, unless there is something important you want that you can't get on DirecTV Nicaragua, is probably isn't worth the time and money. It is also, of course, illegal.


Is there any FTA (Free-to-Air)TV available in Nica. satellite or terrestrial, digital or analog??



Just for what it's werth

Direct TV Nicaragua is pretty fricken good if your into that kind of thing.

U.S.A. DirecTV in nicaragua

Thanks For the responses and yes i heard of it being possible by using a 180 cm "6 foot" dish as for the other part i would be using the reciever i pay monthly in florida by paying my family back home $5USD bucks for the extra box.but if anyone has pooled it off please explain how. Note: I would not be stealing any signal so i dont think its illegal thanks! "another thing i hate translated programing."

Check this website out

http://www.freetoairreceivers.com/ it's not that difficult and you can program the shows you want to watch. I'm telling you if you are good with the computer and electronics you can do this EASY! Why pay them at all it's not like the satellite company going to Nicaragua to get you. Unless they know Danny! lol

So what do i do next??

Mr ziggyX what do i do after i purchase one of these recievers? please help me out since it looks inexpensive, all together it should be like less than US$350 or 400 for both the reciever and the 180CM dish, i just want all the discovery channels, HBO's, sci-fi, and whatever local Channels i can catch. some music channels would be ok to.THANKS...

it isnt easy

"if you are good with the computer and electronics you can do this EASY! ". If you can program a VCR to record 3 shows at different times and channels onto one tape, its easy. If you can read a hex program dump and decode the character strings its easy. If you can do the NYTimes Sunday crossword and solve Sudoku while writing limericks and playing the piano, its easy.

Page 1 "assemble the dish, align the rotational axis with the axis of the Earth then point the dish within 1/2 degree of arc at the correct satellite". And thats the easy part. "Take the DNLB cable and plug it in the XYZ box ..." Unfortunately, because you have an illegal rig, you have an ABC box and the DNLB is labeled something else in Chinese. You call customer support and there isn't any. You get on the Internet forums and every piece of advice contradicts every other one and its all written by geeks.

How do you propose getting a 6 foot dish through customs - its illegal. The signal you are after is, by design, not supposed to be receivable down here because it's illegal. Thats why you need a giant dish; you are after the crumbs that spill off the plate. Install it where it cannot be seen from the road or by your usual home help. That recently fired maid could turn you in on a dime.

Compared to illegal importation, illegal receipt of signal and an irregular technical setup with no technical support, learning Spanish starts to look attractive :-)

i understand

what your saying at first I had trouble setting up it may seem backwards but it's all the same you have to go on those message boards and just find 1 contact that seems like he knows what he is doing and he will walk you through it. I'm just starting to learn how to program the box cause I usually had a friend of mine do it since I didn't have a computer but so far so good as for the dish you don't need to take one cause you already have them there. You can use a direct tv or a dish net satellite. Believe me I was a skeptic just like you and I still was when I first got it but after playing with it and finding someone on the message board that helped it's been hassle free.

Just steal it!

There are many illegal satelite boxes that you can buy for about $150 dollars and all you need is the right direct tv dish or a dish net satelite, conncters and all you need is your computer to program the box which is all on the internet. I have it here in the states and I can get everything even xxx channels the best investment I ever made.

I dont need to steal it i pay for it in FLA

You guys dont understand i wana use the service i pay for in florida here in managua, the programing in direcTV LA sucks i dont like it, there no discovery channels no hbo's nothing nada and all the programing is translated in spanish all i want is to grab the U.S. signal because i live here now. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!! Ohhh and i dont watch pornos!

alternate audio

Obtain a regular directTV system, legal above board, no hassle. By default most of the channels will be in Spanish. Get ahold of the remote and change the language settings. Several of the channels have an English alternative audio track. Find someone with a satellite receiver and play around. You'll soon find out that a whole lot of US originated channels have English as an alt. audio.

Funny story from a few weeks back...

Betty complains her alternative audio has never worked yet she has a standard DirectTV receiver so it MUST work. Turns out she has a Polaroid home theater system and the remote control code for 'alt. audio' on the TV is identical to the 'turn off system' command on the Polaroid. She tries to change to English and the sound system powers off. Took a while to figure that one out!

Direct TV in Nicaragua

I have been helping out a client and they , Direct TV, says they will be offering soon a whole new packages including all the stuff we like to see, Fox news, HBO ect... Not the European channels and CNN, like she is getting right now. (You dont watch pornos huh?) yeah right! Jorge Giraldez-Benard Latin American Advisors Company Ltd Texaco El Cortijo 1/2 C al Sur Casa 300 Res. El Cortijo, Managua, Nicaragua C.A.. e-mail JGiraldezB@yahoo.com Skype, YahooPager & MSN User name: JGiraldezB Managua Office: 011 505 2682874

You are a funny man

He just watches for the educational content!

Jorge Giraldez-Benard Latin American ADVISORS Company Ltd Texaco El Cortijo

What do you advise on by the way?

Why it is illegal

There are varios tariffs in different countries. In some, including Nicaragua and the UK, communications services--including just receiving--is licensed. Thus, DirecTV Nicaragua must pay a license fee to TELCOR for each of its customers.

I am not trying to moralize here--just explain why it is as it is. These same "can't just bring it in" rules actually apply to telephones as well and I don't mean just celular ones.