Brunch near Palacaguinia

Brunch near Palacaguinia

Ever wonder what pichetes eat? This one seems to go for moths.

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Moth eaters

perhaps this is one of their main foods.I like to watch the little lizards hunt in the family's courtyard every morning while I have my morning coffees while in Chinandega. I didn't know what the little lizards were called in Spanish so thanks for providing the name in Spanish.I've seen them snag moths and also the little redhead ones eat ants as well. Great photo, BillyBob. I don't think they are very successful on the moths. I watched several failed stalks and only a couple successful hits. The ones that did succeed setup near the fluorescent lights.Again, thanks for the photo-very cool. Wonder how many moths they can eat at one go?

Cool photo

I have seen them head for a moth but I have never seen one actually catching anything.