Bringing pet dogs to Nicaragua

Has anyone had any recent knowledge of bringing a pet (dog) into Nicaragua. Our vet has signed off on a form stating the dog has been vaccinated for rabies, parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and leptospirosis. The form is bilingual espanol y english, valid for a year and dated from two weeks before entry. I thought I was going to have it verified in Miami, today the consulado said Washington, and there is no answer on the phone in Washington. I'm beginning to wonder if that is really necessary. To bring him into the US only requires proof of rabies vac.

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I brought 3 pets

2 dogs and 1 cat. I flew Continental 3 times to do so, which charged $100 for 1 in-cabin pet. They only allow 2 in-cabin pets on each flight, but you may only have 1. Hence the multiple trips. i used the same paperwork you have spoken about.....No need to do USA Gov't. paperwork. You will pay $5 or $10 (can't remember which) for your pet to enter. I also gave a tip $5 to the man that processed my pet and paperwork to allow me to take my dog outside of the terminal after 12 hours in the bag to do his "business" and have some air, because he would have been in the bag for at least another hour with customs and me collecting my luggage, and I was concerned for my dog's well being. you will be OK with what you have.

No problems at all...

We got all the vet paperwork with the USDA stamp before we left home. In Miamia, TACA weighed the dog but never asked to see the paperwork. Also, no one in the Managua airport said a thing about the dog or any paperwork, even though we declared that we were bringing in a live animal. We also were not charged any entrance fee for her. It was all good.

i dont think its a big issue

my friend just flew down with his dog from canada he got all the shots . one stop in houston not one person asked or checked for papers the whole way here and back to canada.

pets in nica

my wife and i drove to costa rica,from south carolina.with our three dogs and a cat in 2004, hand no problems in no frontiers(boarders) what so ever, we went to our vet and pick up a international health cert,no worries

I was wondering...

how long did it take you ?


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We made it through

We had no real problems either, though for a moment the whole 85º on the ground at Aeropuerto Sandino gave them some concern at Miami International Airport. In the end they relented and gave us the all clear. Our paperwork was in order, so passing through customs Nicaragua was a breeze. Silas is getting along fine here now, though the bombas through the holidays, the sometimes heavy rain, the number of street dogs, and late night cat fights . . . all give him cause to be more stressed than usual. Thankfully my stress is much less than before, so on balance, he can just get used to it.

We are...

bringing a pet next week. She is small and has a cabin reservation on the plane. We have the vet papers in English, but we are getting the run around on getting the government seal of approval. We are flying TACA out of Miami. Any advice??


i just arrived day before

i just arrived day before yesterday-my dog-nina-her 5th time here- i usually mail my int'l transportation certificate to the nicaraguan consulate in L.A. but they were closed for the holidays so i just came with the papers from the agriculture dept. of the u.s.a. and no problem at the airport-just paid my $10 there and she and i were free to go-i would by pass canada-go to a vet in miami and have them do the paperwork with the ag dept and the consulate-the document doesn't have to be in spanish

that would be fine but,

that would be fine but if you live in Canada, you need to get the dog into the US first so you need papers from Canada. It's no big deal getting the papers here.

we had a lot of runaround as well,

we had a lot of runaround in Canada as well, primarily because our government office had never done papers en español. Now that they have done ours, we were assured the next people to do this would have a much more streamlined process. I think you really need the Federal vet papers in english as well as spanish, then you'll shoot through simply.


You would think getting papers in Spanish would be easier in FL than Canada. I will post how it all goes down...

I sure would have ; )

They told me at Agriculture Canada it was their first request for a dog going to Nicaragua. I wasn't too surprised. They were extremely helpful.

no problems for a friend

my friend just flew down with his dog from canada he got all the shots . one stop in houston not one person asked or checked for papers the whole way here and back to canada.

but he had the papers in case

but he had the papers in case. I'm sure you'd be thoroughly in a jam if you neglected to do the diligence. When we arrived at Miami they looked over the papers and in Managua at Sandino they took the papers, brought them back in 15 minutes stamped,and collected $10 US I think, might have been $5.

Got my pet here with me now!!!

Are you flying or driving? I drove from Oregon, and it was a piece of cake at most of the borders. In Nicaragua, they basically just checked my "international vaccination and health certificate" form, and I had to pay $5 to get her in. Really easy. They pulled up her jowls and inspected her teeth and the such. Couldn't have been easier.

I can't remember the number of the form, but call the USDA, and they will tell you which one you need. Bit of a pain in the ass to get it all done in the US, and there is a good chance that you will not even be asked for it. It is all worth it for peace of mind, I suppose.

Another option is to arrange to have "VIP" service at the airport. It costs a bit, but they swoop you up when you get off the plane and take you to a red carpet lounge in the airport. While you sip Flor de Cana, they handle your customs stuff for you. It is often MUCH easier for a Nicaraguan to get stuff through customs than for a gringo. Consider that, and let me know if you need any help with that.

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Check the APHIS site out for the latest

Here are the latest regs. Good luck! (It looks fairly straightforward) Are you talking about the local USDA stamp? We have gotten that in several locations. Always just a formality with the proper vet paperwork. Call your local USDA field office and they will be glad to relieve you of $$$ for the stamp, and they are usually super nice. Maybe Washington in this case is simply symbolic of Uncle Sam's stamp? The customs stooge at MGA won't care where it is from. You could make your own in Photoshop in a few minutes. We had to get state department crap for pet importation to Saudi Arabia, but that is off the charts in terms of bureaucratic nonsense. Hope this helps a little. Mail me at if this doesn't make sense. (Damn homebrew)