11 puta's at my house.

Yes, I checked and double checked this morning.

I enjoy my puta's, had theme for years. It's hard for me to live without them especially at night, but sometimes during the afternoon I rest with one or 2 of my puta's.

Puta is of course the Norwegian word for pillow.

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Sounds like heaven on earth! It's important that they're soft but firm, so that with your head properly nestled in their midst, you may enjoy sweet, sweet dreams.

are we

talking about pillows, Daddy ?

Anyway, my post's is about pillows, I love them, spending 40% of my life with them, perhaps to much, you think ?

I have 4 of those putas in

I have 4 of those putas in my bed plus two in each of the other four bedrooms Plus 4 on the side....that makes...lets see....16. I have more putas than you...Na Na Na Na Na.

Canta no LLores


You had me worried there for a while! I assume the pillow putas are not the inflatable kind! :)

O quantum est in rebus inane!

I know the answer! The answer lies within the heart of all mankind! The answer is twelve? I think I'm in the wrong building. - Charles M. Schulz

no Sire

Mine is the $1.99 walmart edition, used originally as packing around electronics when I brought my car to Nicaragua, on wheels, not to be recommended.