Carlos & Natalie

Carlos & Natalie

Carlos was trying to explain to my housemate Natalie that she should share her food with him.

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I still laugh

I was there. I took the picture. But I still laugh every time it shows up on "random photo". He was such a good Spanish teacher.

I keep meaning to ask

I keep meaning to ask whether you speak English or Spanish to your dogs, and yes, if you have never encountered a dog that was trained in another language, it seems like a really odd question.


I got Carlos in Costa Rica and asked an English speaking friend living there. He said that even Spanish speakers seemed to use English dog commands. So, with Carlos, that is where I started.

Then, one day I was in the Alajuela central park and a little girl came over to visit him. I commanded him to sit but she then put out her hand and said "mano". So, his next command was mano for shake.

Today, we have dogs that seem to just be confused. Fred knows sit and mano. Baruffa knows sit and sometimes mano. Beyond that, they are both pretty uneducated/confused by different commands in different languages.

Lola spent her first three months in a Spanish-speaking househol

It cracks up the local kids when I say, "ella est bilingual, mas escuche mejor in Español." "Venga" gets more respect than "come."

Lola does a hand signal for sit. Or she sits because that's a known way to get treats.

Rebecca Brown

You or her?

Are you sure they are not just amused by your Spanglish? :-)

"Ella es Nicaraguense, y yo soy Gringa"

I think more kids know her name in Jinotega than they know mine. They have a bit of trouble pronouncing "Lola" -- sort of comes out "Lorha" but saying "Lolita" tends to correct that.

Rebecca Brown

What I don't understand is...

Why don't Nicaraguan dogs understand "NO", "DALE" seems to work

what bread...........

is Carlos?

I have a German shepherd looking like Carlos or the few details I have seen of Carlos.


Or Samoyedo here. One of the three breeds of sled dogs, the other two being husky and malamute. Sammies are know for being the friendliest--they would rather be with people than dogs.