Study Spanish Online or in Person with Ave Nicaraguita Instructors

At Ave Nicaraguita Spanish Language School you will receive high quality language training and unique opportunities for rewarding volunteering activities in the beautiful colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua and surrounding communities!!! By the end of this year, you will have the opportunity to take lessons online through a communication system provided by a partnership with Speak Shop.

Ave Nicaraguita provides options for language training and opportunities to volunteers. To assist students in quickly and efficiently establishing a firm foundation Spanish, Ave Nicaraguita immersion programs help students to communicate effectively and introduce them to Nicaraguan social and cultural life. The school Ave Nicaraguita operates its own programs in Granada, Managua, Masatepe-Masaya and in Juigalpa. Through partnerships with local schools, Ave Nicaraguita operates programs in Leon, Esteli and San Juan del Sur. Notably, the "Flor de Pochote" Eco-Farm campus in Masatepe, Masaya is a great destination for international students and their companions; the campus is located near a volcano and a crater lake. Students may decide on the transfer to these places while on-site in Granada, Nicaragua.

Ave Nicaragüita offers the following:

  • Spanish lessons in small groups or one-on-one
  • On-line lessons via Speak Shop system
  • Spanish practice in various contexts
  • Survival Spanish and ad-hoc courses
  • Visits to communities and projects
  • Volunteering opportunities (for example: women's empowerment and anti-discrimination program, child orphanage, penitentiary, and preschool programs)
  • Tourist information and transportation

Social Responsibility: Note from the Founders The school was founded by two Nicaraguan sisters with decades of teaching experience. We are socially conscious Nicaraguans who are excited about teaching Spanish as a second language, and sharing our culture and hospitality with international visitors. We hope that our relationships with students are mutually productive and there can be an equal exchange of knowledge and expertise.

We are a small family business. We treat both our employees and our clients fairly and with respect. We believe that running our business in an ethical manner is an essential part of our contribution towards improving the Nicaraguan community. It is our hope that our business project will help to bring in foreign capital and generate job opportunities for local Nicaraguans. We estimate that in addition to language teachers, there may be increased employment for taxi drivers, "cocheros" (horse cart drivers), dance instructors and restaurateurs.

For more information about Ave Nicaragüita and Spanish or volunteer programs, be sure to visit the school's website.

Special Offer From Sandra Espinosa

To all foreigners who have decided to make Nicaragua their home, we are dedicating the following offer: Regular Spanish courses at $1.99 per hour of instruction. Ave Nicaraguita is offering 7 levels. Each level consists of about 40 hours of structured Spanish lessons in person. The instructor will work with only 2 or 3 more students.

Please come to our school and bring a proof of you Nicaraguan residency, citizenship or a business card –showing your name and the name of your business-. This promotion extends to your love-ones and employees! Remember, your investment will be only the result of multiplying the 60 hours of the language level by $1.99 (or $3.99 if you want individual tutoring at your house), plus a one time administration fee of $50, valid for the 7 levels or one year, whichever happens first.

Ave Nicaraguita will provide you with a flexible work schedule to better meet your learning needs. Each day, you will take one hour of Spanish lesson or you can the full 5-hour unit on Saturday. Each language level consists of a few units. Each level lasts from two to three months (depending on the pace you want to give to the course).

Ave Nicaraguita has acquired and developed high quality teaching materials and technique. Enjoy Spanish lessons that are easy, effective, dynamic and fun. At our school, you will concentrate on your studies, dedicating the number of hours you want or focusing on the topic of your choice. You may want or need to learn Spanish, or increase your communication or writing skills, and we will be ready to assist you.

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Sandra Espinoza

El actual sitio Web de nuestro brochure es "www.visiting-nicaragua.INFO"

La extension ".com" es tambien nuestra pero fue un intento fallido con el hosting. Muchas gracias fyl.

More from the school

This was emailed to me for inclusion

Last call: August 30th to join Visiting-Nicaragua Brochure to reach 50 North American Universities during the academic year 2007-2008

We strongly believe that this information is important for many Nicaliving members and extended families. We are about to close the first call for people interested in including their business in our printed version of Visiting-Nicaragua to be distributed nationally and internationally.

During this academic year 2007-2008, Visiting-Nicaragua Brochure will be shown and distributed at informational booths and students fairs both in the United States and in Canada. The main objective of the brochure is to reach students –but also faculty and staff- of at least 50 North American Universities to let them know of Nicaragua as an important destination for studying Spanish and volunteering abroad. This year we will do four printings, one every three months. For the current printing we are being sponsored by an American airliner company.

Notice that once students reach our main school office in Granada, Nicaragua, they are in need of knowing places to stay, places to eat and things they can do while here, as well as other places to visit.

For those joining us in the brochure, there are several options, listing from $9.99 up to $100 for larger announcements. There are also year membership so you get listed both in the printed and web versions. Those who join us will receive information of universities activities, including fairs, seminars and conferences where the brochure will be shown and the Spanish schools actively advertise.

Locally, the Visiting-Nicaragua brochure will be distributed in Esteli, Leon, Granada, Managua, Ometepe, San Juan del Sur. Many of you might have already seen it somewhere. We have also distributed in Nicaragua and partly in Central Mexico. This year, we will add Honduras and Guatemala. Additionally, we distribute our brochure via courier and via-email. Only last year, more than 1000 Spanish school inquirers receive a copy of the brochure.

Your announcement must be English, and you are responsible to give us the exact text and pictures. Thank you for submitting your announcement to Ave Nicaraguita Brochure “Visiting-Nicaragua.”

If you have any questions regarding participation in the brochure please feel free to contact me via email ((at Please try to communicate in Spanish as much as you can with us, but if you can’t, do not worry at all, we will deal with your message in English in the best possible manner.


Sandra Espinoza Ave Nicaraguita School (( And Visting-Nicaragua Brochure ((