Why The Affordable Care Act Makes Us Want To Stay Abroad | Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

When it comes to health care, we quite honestly don’t know what to think.

Or rather, we don’t know what our health care strategy would be if we ever wanted to or had to go back to the U.S.

Upon returning

Back in Leon, jodido, sweating off all that cheap junk I ate Stateside. Tiptoeing around the usual sidewalk pitfalls (Can sidewalks have potholes?) on my way downtown to milk the money machine and pop into a cyber with my solid state memory to cut & paste all the news that's fit to read, as they say, later, I notice two major changes. That's not counting the 2 or 3 new fruit smoothie (liquados, batidos, granitos) spots. (They may be 70% ice, but it sure hits the spot in the heat. Beware of brain-freeze!)

Tied to grid if possible and reverse flow of energy ?

Does anyone know if you do install a solar system for electricity, that it can be tied to the grid so in effect if you have excess power by solar it will make your electrical meter run backwards so either you have no bill at the end of the month or little ?

Distances between points in Nicaragua

File this somewhere for when you need it!

The distances were "estimated" but then they say they used a pickup truck equipped with an NITESTAR odometer, of great precision!

Distances are generally form the center of town, central park or plaza.

Top Four “Off the beaten path” Nicaragua Surfing & Fishing Villages

Top Four”Off the beaten path” Nicaragua Surfing & Fishing Villages

I had someone contact me via TripAdvisor in a personal message asking about where one might look for a nice surfing family beach vacation for a group of five that might not be located in San Juan del Sur, as they were perhaps aware that SJdS can be a bit of a Nicaraguan version of Key West. The family is looking for something different. Here are my suggestions.

Zone 1: Tola, Rivas area. Zone 2: Carazo Zone 3: Leon Zone 4: Chinandega

more here-->

Assembly Considers Important and Far Reaching Changes to Constitution of Nicaragua

Local government; 5 year terms from 4 year

Confirmation of Supreme court decision of a few years back, i.e. President can keep running for office.

And this beauty: ...military members may hold office in state institutions when in the supreme interest of the nation demands such...

(Say for instance when an unpopular win happens in RAAN or RAAS and "pubic order" is needed!!)

Read full National Assembly Doc here:

La Prensa: Ortega Destroys Constitution"

Data security, Tor and https

For most, you know that NSA (and others) is grabbing your data but you really don't understand what they have access to nor what can be done to mitigate the problem. Reading a White Paper is usually not the right answer to increase understanding either.

Well, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has created a handy graphic page that shows you the default and has buttons to add Tor and https to the mix. The graphic gets updated.

You can find it on their tor-and-https page.


National Candy Corn Day !!!

I wish I had some, but I ran out last month and have not found them for sale here.

Retired in Nicaragua, and Loving It - Wall St. Journal

Kudos to Mr. Lynch for stating a realistic budget...He says:

...We rent a nice apartment that includes a swimming pool, pavilion and a garden filled with fruit trees. (Bananas, mangoes, avocados, lemons and coconuts are available for the picking when in season.) Our monthly budget—which includes rent, utilities, food, medications and miscellaneous items—is about $1,800.

A new way to promote your Nicaraguan tourism-related business, for free!

Hey everyone, long time no post! I'm sure there are quite a few expats on NicaLiving who have started tourism-related businesses here in Nicaragua like hotels, tour companies, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.

If you've followed anything I've posted, you will know that I run a small bed and breakfast on a farm in the hills to the south side of Managua. I just found out about this new way to promote your tourism-related business, and yes it is free. It also supports sustainable, eco-friendly tourism in a unique way.

If interested, read more here-->

Denmark == happy citizens

I just read an article on Alternet titled Denmark is the happiest country on earth -- You'll never guess why. In the six measures, three are about government and three are things where you have much more personal control.

El Día de los Muertos or “The Day of the Dead”

November 1st honors deceased children and infants, and November 2nd honors adults who have passed.

"Kindlers", book lovers or anyone with an interest...please note this book is available:

Skulls to the Living, Bread to the Dead: The Day of the Dead in Mexico and Beyond

Obama is green with envy his Socialist Government is nowhere near as popular.

FSLN 59.6% approval

Social programs promoted by the government scored a positive 70% of respondents.

The program is best qualified "Roof Plan" with 80.2%, | then the "Bono Solidario" with 79.0%, "Zero Hunger" with 76.8% and "Zero Usury" with 76.0%.

On the institutions in the government of President Daniel Ortega Saavedra, 70.5% of respondents approved, compared to 17.9% who disapprove and 11.6% had no opinion.

Time to get (financially) worried?

There are a bit too many strange financial things happening to just ignore them. This post doesn't offer any answers but it certainly asks some questions. If your income comes from the US and you live in Nicaragua (or anywhere else outside the US) you may care about these questions.

  • A few days ago my US-based Credit Union sent me an email about international wires. It basically said that the rules for sending them were changing this month and while they would still do them and not change the cost, it might mean a delay of 2-3 days before they were sent.
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