Airlines: is there a better way?

Andrew's post,, is about dealing with a PITA airline. Some followup comments express similar concerns. Personally, I just booked a flight which was a total pain for a whole host of reasons from TACA being in the process of upgrading their web site to needing what we used to call an open return. That is, buy a round trip ticket but with no pre-established return date.

New Mobile Service from Lafise

(BanCentro) Lafise Bank have added a tool for conducting banking transactions from the comfort of mobile devices.

With Lafise Mobile, customers will be able to get a summary of accounts, see transactions, bank transfers etc.

Lafise Mobile is available for a free download from Appstore, Google Play and BlackBerry App World or you can enter from a laptop or tablet via

Lafise Innovative Mobile application is being promoted simultaneously in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Dominican Republic.

Why Gringos don't understand Nicaraguan history

I just saw yet one more article in the US press that adjusts the facts. The article is about the race for New York mayor but is using distortions of Nicaraguan history to hurt the campaign of a candidate.

The article titled Republican Opponent Blasts Bill de Blasio For Trips To Nicaragua And Cuba is what I am talking about. The first de-regulation is

Talking of Innocent Americans....Jason Puracal wants to come back to Nicaragua.

After a year of freedom, Jason Puracal has filed a petition at the American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), based in Washington, to allow him to return to Nicaragua with his family.

Secure (and free) cloud storage

Wuala is a service I have been using for a couple of years. They just made an offer that I have decided to share that benefits you and me.

They offer 5GB of free cloud storage that really is secure. That is because the encryption/decrypting takes place on your local computer so they could not read you data if they wanted to (as opposed to, for example, dropbox). They are also based in Zurich with three server locations in the EU.

News is News, Right?

I read a lot of international news sources. The main reason is that I want a world view of the world. A local example of this is that I read Costa Rica news sources to get the non-Nicaragua view of many local things.

I think this is not typical. That is, most people seem to see something published in their "home country" as a more reliable or more authoritative source. Now, not everyone will agree on a particular source but they tend to agree on a country of origin. For example, some will quote Fox News while others will pick Mother Jones. That alone is not bad.

False Court Documents

Also came out as a Tweet today. Maybe long weekend, slow news day, but...

"The National Police has not yet provided the final report of the investigation of an alleged counterfeiting ring signatures and seals of various courts in the country, operating in Rivas"

Original story:

Any observations Mr. Tiffer?

Top Marks for Hospital

The Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas (HMVP) has recently obtained its second accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). The HMVP voluntarily submits to this intense evaluation process every three years.

The inspection includes confirming 320 standards of quality and over 1,300 measurable elements of compliance in hospital processes. The accreditation ensures their commitment to quality, safety and continuous improvement in patient care.

Citizenship "comments"

In response to an assortment of dis-information, posted is the wrong thread I was considering updating some residency and citizenship book pages. But, looking around, it is clear it will require more time than I am willing to invest right now. But, I do want to offer some quick comments (maybe corrections/concerns is better) regarding both Nicaraguan and US citizenship.

As for Nicaraguan residency information, Paul Tiffer has posted a lot much of which is current. Paul regularly reads NL and addresses questions/concerns people post in comments to his threads.

Costa Rica Immigration Officer Busted

An official of the Directorate-General for migration in Peñas Blancas was found guilty of helping unqualified foreigners to enter Costa Rican territory.

The man, surname Junes Miranda, was sentenced Tuesday for breach of duties to the detriment of the public service.

Miranda worked as a civil servant for more than 30 years at the border post of Peñas Blancas and was found guilty for allowing the entry to CR of a U.S. person who should not have been allowed in.

Free, secure VoIP phone calls

I guess the NSA has inspired me to turn this into my computer security blog. :-) In any case, I have been doing research for a security project and tripped on a free, OpenSource secure VoIP phone system.

Check out Yes, that's .co but it has nothing to do with Colombia. It is a common trick these days to get a convenient domain name that the US doesn't claim to control. You will find all the details there.

Nicaraguan father and son gunned down in Playas del Coco - CR

September 5th, 2013, A father and son who were longtime fisherman in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste were gunned down in front of several witnesses on the main boulevard of Playas del Coco.

The victims, identified as Victor Davila, about 55 years of age, and his son Manuel of about 30, were apparently intercepted by men in a red vehicle near a seafood restaurant in Playas del Coco where the father and son were believed to be delivering the day’s catch.

Mailpile: about it, security and another reason for Bitcoin

I had planned to write a post about the Mailpile email client when it was a bit closer to being ready to use. Unfortunately, an event just occured that made me decide to post now. Not a good event. Yet one more reason Bitcoin is important and PayPal sucks.

Dollar/Cordoba Milestone

On the 24th of September, the Official rate will be 25.0021

(This has nothing to do with Bolivia, the Contras, CR, Syria or Daniel Ortega's shirt)

The "Fixer" who wasn't.

False Undercover Agent Goes to Jail

Taylor Renier Aguilera Urbina, 34, from Chinandega moved around the beaches of San Juan del Sur posing as an undercover police officer and was offering Nicaraguan identity for $300.

Chief Commissioner Sergio Gutierrez said he captured after defrauding Abraham Walter Viena Ebia of Café Revolución, Playa Madera, San Juan del Sur.

Aguilera came to the business saying he was a police officer and offered to get a passport, driver's license and a permit to carry a firearm.

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